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Molly whop (one)

To strike, slap, or slam into one, either once or repeatedly; to wallop one. The term is sometimes hyphenated, and sometimes both, or neither, "Molly" and "whop" are capitalized. I'm gonna Molly-whop you if you don't shut your mouth! The car sped through the red life and Molly Whopped van that had started to drive forward.
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Molly whop someone

tv. to beat someone up; to slap someone hard. Quiet or I’ll Molly whop you.
See also: molly, someone, whop
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Commenting on the award, Dr Dorria Saleh Salem, GM of WHOP and Consultant at the Egyptian Ministry of Health, stated "We are extremely honored to be recognized by the UN for our work as the first Egyptian national screening program, WHOP.
Elize's boyfriend Nick Pickard, whop lays Tony Hutchinson, will no doubt miss her most of all.
MEMBERS of the All Saints HS team, whop lay Rainhill in the Merseyside Schools'Under-16 final later in the season, will be seeking revenge having lost on penalties to the same team last week in the Under-16 NationalKnockout.
FLEETWOOD HESKETH Under-9s (above), whop lay in the Hightown Mini Soccer League.
COBRAS Under-9s, whop lay in the Alice Petricca League.
WEST LANCS under-15s, whop lay in the Peter Brown Craven Minor League.
Rats that had gotten only sugared drinks are another 4 calories, whereas those that had alternately downed sugared and artificially sweetened drinks pigged out on a whop ping 15-calorie repast.
IRBY under-12s, whop lay in the Girls'West Lancs League.