make whoopee

1. old-fashioned To celebrate loudly and exuberantly. We all made whoopee after Mabel won the quilting contest.
2. euphemism To have sex. No we didn't make whoopee on the first date. What do you take me for?
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1. old-fashioned Loud or exuberant celebration. You should have heard the whoopee after Mabel won the quilting contest.
2. euphemism Sex. Often used the in the phrase "make whoopee." No we didn't make whoopee on the first date. What do you take me for? My dad always used to say that the only thing on boys' minds is whoopee.

whoopie cake

1. A baked confectionary sandwich consisting of icing or some other sweet, creamy filling between two round pieces of cake, typically chocolate. More commonly called a "whoopie pie." My mom used to make whoopie cakes for us as a special treat at the end of the school year. Oh wow, whoopie cakes! I didn't know you could find these outside of Pennsylvania!
2. slang One's buttocks. (Used in the plural.) Thomas! Get your whoopie cakes in here right now and clean up this mess! I don't know what she's thinking wearing that outfit. Her whoopie cakes are practically hanging out of it!
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make whoopee

1 celebrate wildly. 2 make love. informal
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make ˈwhoopee

(old-fashioned, informal) celebrate in a noisy way: Here’s a photo of us making whoopee at Dave’s wedding.
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whoopie cakes

n. female buttocks. You put those whoopie cakes back down in that chair and listen to me!
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make whoopee

1. To engage in a noisy, boisterous celebration.
2. To make love.
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make whoopee

Celebrate noisily; a genteelly humorous term for having intercourse. In either chase, “whoopee” is the sound of enjoyment. “Makin' Whoopee” is the title of a 1928 hit song by Eddie Cantor, a cautionary tale in which the man in question goes from courtship to marriage to fatherhood and other responsibilities and finally to divorce.
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