make whoopee

1. old-fashioned To celebrate loudly and exuberantly. We all made whoopee after Mabel won the quilting contest.
2. euphemism To have sex. No we didn't make whoopee on the first date. What do you take me for?
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1. old-fashioned Loud or exuberant celebration. You should have heard the whoopee after Mabel won the quilting contest.
2. euphemism Sexual intercourse. Often used the in the phrase "make whoopee." No we didn't make whoopee on the first date. What do you take me for? My dad always used to say that the only thing on boys' minds is whoopee.

make whoopee

1 celebrate wildly. 2 make love. informal
See also: make, whoopee

make ˈwhoopee

(old-fashioned, informal) celebrate in a noisy way: Here’s a photo of us making whoopee at Dave’s wedding.
See also: make, whoopee

whoopie cakes

n. female buttocks. You put those whoopie cakes back down in that chair and listen to me!
See also: cake, whoopie

make whoopee

1. To engage in a noisy, boisterous celebration.
2. To make love.
See also: make, whoopee

make whoopee

Celebrate noisily; a genteelly humorous term for having intercourse. In either chase, “whoopee” is the sound of enjoyment. “Makin' Whoopee” is the title of a 1928 hit song by Eddie Cantor, a cautionary tale in which the man in question goes from courtship to marriage to fatherhood and other responsibilities and finally to divorce.
See also: make, whoopee
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Her funeral was attended by celebrities such as Howard Stern, Whoopie Goldberg and even Donald Trump.
Ovation Productions' 'Sister Act' was another audience-pleasing show, different from the Whoopie Goldberg film-it was meant to be so-with the added attraction of music and a love angle.
Henny wants to win the Pineville Flapjack Contest to get the first prize of the Whoopie Howdy
Chocolate Whoopie Hearts for Valentine's Day, Irish Whiskey Brownies for St.
Other mini desserts from the TGI Fridays brand include varieties of Cake Pops, Cake Bites, Whoopie Pies and Parfait Shooters.
Contract awarded for (COMM/16/0054) Supply, packing and delivery of whoopie pie snack for Open House 2017
31 acres and presently houses Swanson's Fish Market, Chili Bomb Burgers & Macs and Whoopie, a Thai restaurant.
From Whoopie Goldberg and her line of marijuana-based (http://www.
We suggest offering your own seasonal specialties, like a pumpkin whoopie pie with cream cheese filling or a pistachio whoopie pie for St.
It hardly matters that the exceptional culinary skills of The Real Hustle's Alexis Conran won him this year's title in Friday night's final of Celebrity MasterChef, because Mormon export Jimmy Osmond and his whoopie pie had already won the affections of the British public.
AutoGenie which is PlanX (tech accelerator of Punjab Information Technology Board) based startup has successfully captured whoopie $100,000 funding from Pakistan's most popular vehicles portal PakWheels.
Somewhere between a pie, cake, and cookie, is the Whoopie pie.
Getting turned on by a little peen is no big whoopie.
Fresh from a role in Woodhouse Musical Theatre Company's Buddy, Alyce is taking the lead role of Deloris Van Cartier (played by Whoopie Goldberg in the movie).
com) CHOCOLATE & VANILLA WHOOPIE PIES A modern classic, these versatile cake sandwiches are a total crowd-pleaser.