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whomp on

1. To beat up. While I was away at camp, I didn't miss my older brother whomping on me and giving me noogies whenever mom's back is turned.
2. To defeat, especially decisively. We had high hopes going into the game, but the other team totally whomped on us, giving us our first loss.
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whomp up

To make quickly. I wasn't expecting company, but don't worry, I can whomp up a dinner for us in no time!
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and whomp and womp (ʍəmp and ʍɑmp and wɑmp)
1. tv. to beat or outscore someone. They set out to whump us, and they sure did.
2. n. the sound made when two flat surfaces fall together. I heard the whump when the shed collapsed.


See whump
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There were grown men, myself included, on their feet making punching gestures as Ripley whomped the acid-veined snarler about like a daddy longlegs.
When that gets whomped out of balance, setting things right is far more costly than keeping them on track in the first place--and that includes building a team of loyal company members and regaining audience support.
In California, a consumerist measure that would have made it easier for average citizens to sue corporations for securities fraud was whomped by a mind-boggling $37 million in corporate funding, mostly from "progressive" Silicon Valley hightech executives.
This game of skill and strategy allows players to navigate the careening Willow tree to try and remove Harry and Ron's baggage from its limbs; all the while players try to avoid being whomped by the branches of the tree.
A death match found that the strands of the ferocious sulfur tuft mushroom (inset, upper right) got whomped by Phanerochaete velutina (inset, bottom left).
Personally, I would've been much more satisfied if Nick whomped the stuffing out of this crooked, gibbering annoyance.