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whomp on

1. To beat up. While I was away at camp, I didn't miss my older brother whomping on me and giving me noogies whenever mom's back is turned.
2. To defeat, especially decisively. We had high hopes going into the game, but the other team totally whomped on us, giving us our first loss.
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whomp up

To make quickly. I wasn't expecting company, but don't worry, I can whomp up a dinner for us in no time!
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and whomp and womp (ʍəmp and ʍɑmp and wɑmp)
1. tv. to beat or outscore someone. They set out to whump us, and they sure did.
2. n. the sound made when two flat surfaces fall together. I heard the whump when the shed collapsed.


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He said he knows of no other meaning for "Aguacil" and no negative connotation for "dragonfly," except, of course, that most people want to whomp them with a large rock.
Now that the Asian beetle has hit our shores, people just want to whomp them on the head with a rock.
Coulter contacted me because he had the sort of small problem with his daughter's cell phone bill that causes otherwise sane parents to long for the days when phones were heavy enough to whomp Verizon sales reps over the head.