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Both demanding and daring, The Unbearable Wholeness of Being offered this reader an opportunity to contextualize contemporary anxieties about meaning within an expansive cosmological framework.
The wholeness of that live encounter is not based on an abstract concept but rather on a direct, pre-conceptual experience and realization of the purity of that experience, uncluttered by conceptual representations.
In other words, Franklin's legacy has been for me a challenge to articulate a Christian identity that embodies wholeness in a wounded way while moving forward in an ever more complicated and violent world--learning to walk with humility.
How does the idea of wholeness relate to interpretation?
This understanding of wholeness has changed my life and my work in so many ways.
It is the irony of this story that the one who scared me witless to start was the very same who brought me peace, purpose, I daresay even wholeness.
Not really a diagram of Mendelsohn's Bexhill Pavilion but this conceptual sketch brings together the wholeness of his intention by the use of a single set of fluent penstrokes carrying clear dynamic messages of the early Modern Movement.
Let our goals be as large as a return to the wholeness we all had naturally as children--as a return to the wellness or wholeness that occurs when there is balance between our intellects, our imaginations, and our emotions.
We have been considering this week the churches ministry of wholeness and healing.
In a nutshell: Lonely guy helps perky spirit achieve wholeness in a gloppy but winning romance.
He said: "I cannot be part of this irresponsible move that divides the people and harms Israel's security and will in the future pose a danger for the wholeness of Jerusalem.
The biographies do not stand alone but rather serve as lenses through which Hunt invites women today to read the tapestry of their own lives and to begin their own "journey toward wholeness.
Eating mindfully as a yoga practice encourages us to live with connection and compassion as we move toward wholeness.
Is there really value to a book that proclaims, as this does in the preface, to synthesize "the wisdom of the East with the knowledge of the West to articulate insights that show the way for experiencing wholeness and for nurturing the gift of leadership in our daily engagements?
With that, he offers a guarded prognosis that depends on both our cleverness at finding new cures and our commitment to restoring ecologic wholeness.