a whole lot

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a whole lot

To a very great degree or extent; a lot. The kids enjoyed the show a whole lot. We'd be able to get this done a whole lot faster if the boss wasn't constantly interrupting us. I guess we're putting an offer in on this house because Maureen likes it a whole lot.
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a whole lot of (something)

A large amount of something; a lot of something. There are still a whole lot of issues plaguing the operating system that we need to figure out before it's released next month. Tom, there's a whole lot of angry customers downstairs who are demanding their money back. I've been examining these documents for over an hour, and there's still a whole lot of them to get through!
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a ˈwhole lot (of something)

(informal) a large number or amount: There were a whole lot of people I didn’t know.
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a ˈwhole lot

(informal) very much; a lot: I’m feeling a whole lot better.
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References in classic literature ?
"M.D." means that he was a proper doctor and knew a whole lot.
I've ben to the library a whole lot, but most of the books I've tackled have ben over my head.
I've seen a whole lot of life, an' somehow I've seen a whole lot more of it than most of them that was with me.
Then just as they seemed to have made up their mind to kill me, up strode Scarlett Trent alone, if you please, and he walked up to the whole lot of 'em as bold as brass.
He's put away a whole lot of cleverer and better men than him.
"If he is, and spouts a whole lot of that bone-dry stuff about the ancient Mayan civilization and their antiquities, with side lights on how the old-time Indians used to scalp their enemies, I'm going to the moving pictures!
Every jay in the whole lot put his eye to the hole and delivered a more chuckle-headed opinion about the mystery than the jay that went there before him.
I guess my worst adventure was two years ago when a whole lot of us were coasting on Uncle Rogers hill.
Dominic gave the order to throw the whole lot overboard.
If a chest full of lace and satin and jewels had been sent her from some unknown source, how could she but have thought that her whole lot was going to change, and that to-morrow some still more bewildering joy would befall her?
Well, he had escaped love so far, just as he had escaped smallpox; yet there it was, as contagious as smallpox, and a whole lot worse in running its course.
I might have seen and healthily enjoyed a whole lot more of the Bonin Islands, if I had done what I ought to have done.
"Say, bein' married is a whole lot more than it's cracked up to be by most married folks.
Dickon's got a whole lot of 'em planted in our bit o' garden."