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go (the) whole hog

To do something as thoroughly as possible or without restraint. We only planned to order appetizers, but we went whole hog and ended up getting a seven-course meal. You only live once. Might as well go the whole hog and get the works.
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go whole hog

to do everything possible; to be extravagant. Let's go whole hog. Order steak and lobster. Show some restraint. Don't go whole hog all the time.
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go whole hog

Also, go the limit. Do something completely or thoroughly; proceed as far as possible. For example, Instead of just painting the room, why not go whole hog and redecorate it completely? or Let's go the limit and dig up the entire garden. Although the precise source of whole hog is disputed, this colloquialism was first recorded in 1828 (in Japhet by Frederick Marryat) as go the whole hog. Today the article is usually omitted. Go the limit, also a colloquialism, dates from the mid-1900s. Also see all out.
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whole hog, the/to go

The ultimate extent; to do something completely or thoroughly. The precise meaning and origin of this cliché have been lost. Charles Funk thought it came from a poem by William Cowper (1731–1800) that told of the Islamic prohibition against eating pork: “But for one piece they thought it hard From the whole hog to be debar’d.” A more likely source is the Irish word hog for the British shilling, American ten-cent piece, and other coins, whereby “going the whole hog” would mean spending the entire shilling or dime at one time. On the other hand, Frederick Marryat, writing in 1836 (Japhet), called it an American term. It may be derived from the American colloquialism to hog, meaning to appropriate greedily. Whichever is true, the term is a cliché on both sides of the Atlantic.
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Unfortunately, the whole hog comes at an eye-watering cost of PS338bn, a cost that would be simply undeliverable were the Greens to somehow gain power.
Well, provided Russia don't go the whole hog and try to reunite the whole of Europe.
Then it is up to you how you make it, with little hot milk espresso style, with a lot of hot milk like a latte or go the whole hog and top it with cream.
How to Roast a Pig: From Oven-Roasted Tenderloin to Slow-Roasted Pulled Pork Shoulder to the Spit-Roasted Whole Hog provides a cut-by-cut, step-by-step set of directions for working with all parts of the pig, including the basics of how to roast a whole pig and how to use all of its parts in various recipes.
Why not go the whole hog, put people to sleep with mental illnesses, drug addicts and obese people.
They should go the whole hog and carry through to Pwllheli.
Award-winning chef Tim Bilton has gone the whole hog when it comes to clearing land for an orchard to serve his restaurant, The Spiced Pear, Sheffield Road, Hepwor th.
If they are going to interfere they may as well go the whole hog and do away with the monarchy all together.
Whole Hog Wee Heavy Scotch Ale is the latest limited edition "big beer" from the Stevens Point Brewery.
Makes me think you might as well have gone the whole hog, Mike.
AN EX-RAF chef is going the whole hog with a career change.
IN COMING TO THE AID OF HIS SISTER, Chris Maynes helped rescue Whole Hog Cafe from potential implosion.
I worry a lot about the impact of jumping whole hog into this at the expense of other things I think we could be doing to improve our economy.
Because how many players are going to go the extra mile for John Terry when he's gone the whole hog with one of their WAGs?