the whole caboodle

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the whole kit and caboodle

All the parts of a group of things. I had a collection I'd been putting together for nearly 25 years, and burglars stole the whole kit and caboodle. John has some awesome camping gear, and he let us borrow the whole kit and caboodle for the weekend.
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whole kit and caboodle

Inf. a group of pieces of equipment or belongings. (The word caboodle is used only in this expression.) When I bought Bob's motorhome, I got furniture, refrigerator, and linenthe whole kit and caboodle. The salesman managed to sell John the whole kit and caboodle.
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the whole caboodle


the whole kit and caboodle

If you talk about the whole caboodle or the whole kit and caboodle, you mean the whole of something. You can borrow the tent and equipment — the whole caboodle — if you like. They have financed the whole kit and caboodle. Note: The usual American expression is the whole ball of wax or the whole enchilada. Note: `Caboodle' may come from the Dutch word `boedal', meaning `property'.
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the whole caboodle (or the whole kit and caboodle)

the whole lot. informal
Caboodle may come from the Dutch word boedel meaning ‘possessions’.
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the ˌwhole caˈboodle


the ˌwhole kit and caˈboodle

everything: I had new clothes, a new hairstyle — the whole caboodle.This idiom originally came from the Dutch word boedel, meaning ‘possessions’.
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A friend told her who he was, but April said: "Having known the Beatles, The Who, the Rolling Stones and the whole caboodle, I was never really interested in any of that.
But he added: "Fergie is obviously the whole caboodle with manmanagement and things like that.
They also ensure they are fully kitted out with the whole caboodle of equipment young children need: highchairs, cots, booster seats, potties, changing mats, blender, sterilisers, plastic plates and cups .
The whole caboodle then moved to Newcastle, lured by a contribution from Northern Film & Media towards the total budget, which Lisa Marie Russo asserted was "under pounds 500,000".
And now, thanks to the whim of a banker, we have one of the best uses of an egg ever; soft yeasty muffins, sweet ham, perfectly poached eggs and a creamy Hollandaise sauce with just enough vinegary acidity to crown the whole caboodle nicely.
I pour stock over the vegetables and put the turkey on top and then wrap the whole caboodle in foil, the tray and everything.
Not the turkeys themselves perhaps (though they are pretty damn good in their own right) but the whole caboodle.
As with any of the houses in this price range, they will be paying four per cent on top of the whole caboodle in Stamp Duty - something not to be forgotten.
This time around you're in charge of a hospital - the whole caboodle, from the building of the facilities to the hiring of the staff, research and, well, everything.
All would have been fine except we had a gas hob which ignited the whole caboodle before our guests had time to say "happy Christmas".
The whole caboodle was draped in a rich tomato sauce, inside and out, and made for a very satisfying starter.
MANAGING your own theme park is the thing of dreams, but the PSP manages to shrink-wrap the whole caboodle into one tiny UMD, offering a fantastic range of management options as well as a collection of cracking mini-games to keep you interested.
Other than that I get the whole caboodle about once a year when we go on holiday," she says.
That said, these lofty institutions, charged in their various ways with overseeing the management of Britain's economy, could never publish a report confessing that a bunch of determined and electronically adept evil-doers could bring the whole caboodle crashing down in an afternoon.