who's she—the cat's mother?

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who's she, the cat's mother?

A reprimand given to someone for using a pronoun ("she") instead of a proper name. A: "Oh, and she was there too." B: "Who's she, the cat's mother?"

Who's she, the cat's mother?

People say Who's she, the cat's mother? to show that they think it is rude when someone refers to a girl or woman as `she' instead of using their name. `Is she coming?' — `Who's she, the cat's mother?'

who's she—the cat's mother?

1 used as a mild reproof, especially to a child, for impolite use of the pronoun she when a person's name would have been more well mannered. 2 expressing the speaker's belief that a woman or girl has a high opinion of herself or is putting on airs. British informal