who's counting?

but who's counting

A phrase dismissing the quantity of something just mentioned. Can be used in a passive-aggressive manner (because someone is obviously counting if they can readily enumerate something). A: "Well, you've only worked three hours this week, but who's counting?" B: "I'm sorry, sir, but I've been sick all week." I've had four pieces of candy, but who's counting? Pass me another!
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who’s ˈcounting?

(informal) used to say that you do not care how many times something happens: I’ve been late for school three times this week — but who’s counting?
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I have even bought some knee-high boots with zips - well five pairs actually but who's counting? "I am still wearing compression stockings but they have gone from size 13 to size 5 and I have started aqua aerobics and even joined Slimming World.
Informed that it had been 14 races since his last win, in Belgium in 2018, he said: "Who's counting? It has not been the easiest ride, but there is more potential in this car."
"Who's counting?" Vettel said in the post-race news conference, with a hint of sarcasm.
TAnd this year is no different with The Meninblack undertaking a 19-date tour of the UK and Ireland during the month (OK, the first date is in February, but who's counting?) Co-founder and bassist JJ Burnel says: "We did a March tour about eight or nine years ago and it worked for us.
(That's compared to 48 percent for Hillary Clinton, but who's counting?) His margin in the Electoral College, which he tries to portray as a great landslide, was actually quite puny -- smaller than either of Barack Obama's, either of Bill Clinton's, the late George H.W.
Manny Pacquiao turns 40 today but who's counting? The MP bandwagon keeps rolling and there's no telling when it'll stop.
The Clarets are still three games away from reaching the group stage, but who's counting? It will be a very different line-up at Southampton (1.30pm), though Sean Dyche should be sticking to the method, and throwing big Chris Wood at Saints' slightly oompah-loompa sized defence.
Finger-food options like dippable popcorn shrimp or cheesy shrimp quesadillas will have the whole family cleaning their plates and asking for seconds (or thirds, but who's counting?).
"The census is the gold standard," said Joe Salvo, director of the Population Division of the NYC Department of Planning, at the Citizens Housing Planning Council panel discussion May 31 "Census 2020: Who's Counting?"
He won just 10 legs all night, but when you've won 123 out of 136 contests at the world championship, who's counting? For Cross, life will never be the same.
The great dame Gilda Fernando has celebrated another birthday, but who's counting? She has pronounced herself Forever 81 by decree.
3 WHO'S COUNTING? THERESA May will have been Prime Minister for 331 days on June 8.
Who's counting? Looking around me in the street, not many.
"In two years and seven months (who's counting?), I'll be vested in my state's retirement plan and can retire (in my 50s) with health benefits.
So here's what I recommend after figuring out where to store over 5,000 pair of shoes (it's really closer to a million but who's counting?) during my career as a closet designer:
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