whiz through (something)

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whiz through (something)

1. To pass through something or some place with great speed. The masked teenager whizzed through the store, grabbing what he could off the shelves as he went. I saw the other car whizzing through the intersection, so I slammed on the brakes to avoid getting hit. Normally the boss stops to chat to everyone in the office, but today he just whizzed through without a word.
2. To accomplish, work through, or proceed with something quickly or deftly. If you try to whiz through this book, it's going to catch up with you at the quiz later. The team, considered underdogs by everyone in the sporting world, whizzed through the tournament without coming close to a single defeat.
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whiz (right) through something

1. . to speed through a place. One car after another whizzed right through the little town. We whizzed through the kitchen, stopping just long enough for a glass of iced tea.
2. . to work one's way through something quickly. She whizzed right through the test with no trouble. Jane whizzed through her interview and got the job.
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whiz through

or whizz through
1. To accomplish or proceed with something swiftly and energetically: My smart friend whizzed through the math homework.
2. To move rapidly through something: The football whizzed through the receiver's hands.
See also: through, whiz