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whiz kid

A person, usually a child or young adult, who is exceptionally skilled or intelligent. He was developing software by the time he was 10 years old—he's a total computer whiz kid. Those whiz kids at the spelling bee are always so impressive to watch. Sarah's the new whiz kid in accounting. She'll help you tackle the budget in no time.
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a ˈwhizz-kid

(also ˈwhiz-kid) (informal) a person who is very good and successful at something, especially at a young age: ‘Who’s the new manager?’ ‘A financial whizz-kid from Harvard Business School.’

whiz kid

n. a young whiz. The boss’s new whiz kid doesn’t seem to be doing the job very well.
See also: kid, whiz
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Whizz the Newfoundland rescue dog, pictured here in 2007, saved nine people from drowning
Now the Whizz Kidz group isn't resting on its laurels.
Whizz introduces the word and its translation to Noddy and then encourages the audience to join in.
I wish Whizz Kidz every success with this, their new centre.
Claire added: "It would have been a great day out with Whizz Kidz.
To make the cake dough, whizz the almonds and caster sugar until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs, add the egg whites and a little vanilla extract, and whizz quickly again until the mixture is smooth and pale.
MILTON BRADLEY sent out his usual big team for the sprint handicap, and it was Whizz Kid who again came out on top to land the five-furlong race race for the second year running.
29-year-old cancer patient Anthony Wilby of Butetown, Cardiff, who has completed many charity runs for Whizz Kidz and will shortly run for Velindre Hospital.
Staff at the Ackers Adventurous Centre will be running their Whizz Kids programme this half term holiday.
MR WHIZZ sprang a 33-1 surprise on his debut in the first division of the six-furlong maiden for his owners The Milk Sheiks, who made their presence felt in the winner's enclosure.
These sessions have been developed from the popular Active Whizz Club, for kids aged eight to 16, which runs during holidays.
Remove the bay leaf, pour the tomatoes and other goodies into a bowl and whizz with a stick blender.
LITTLE beats the thrill of watching racing cars whizz past you on a track.
The Mecca Bingo club in blyth is hodling a special fundraising day in aid of their nominated charity Whizz Kidz.