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whiz kid

A person, usually a child or young adult, who is exceptionally skilled or intelligent. He was developing software by the time he was 10 years old—he's a total computer whiz kid. Those whiz kids at the spelling bee are always so impressive to watch. Sarah's the new whiz kid in accounting. She'll help you tackle the budget in no time.
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a ˈwhizz-kid

(also ˈwhiz-kid) (informal) a person who is very good and successful at something, especially at a young age: ‘Who’s the new manager?’ ‘A financial whizz-kid from Harvard Business School.’

whiz kid

n. a young whiz. The boss’s new whiz kid doesn’t seem to be doing the job very well.
See also: kid, whiz
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Whizz Systems is a product development company offering custom electronic hardware / system level design services.
But Whizz could now win even greater plaudits after being nominated for the Rescue Animal of the Year gong at the Daily Mirror's Animal Hero Awards.
Ben and Oliver, plus other members of Whizz Kidz and their parents, spent a day with traffic wardens from Hartlepool Council confronting drivers who break the rules.
She said: "I was charmed with the way he came up the hill so strongly last time and I'm dead happy with him now, but the others have had plenty of runs and I'd be afraid of Dr Whizz.
We wish the runners from Anthony Collins every success in their fundraising quest for the fantastic charity that is Whizz Kidz.
Whizz Watch is a fantastic new gadget toy brought to you by Wesco.
UKS, the Middle East's leading learning solutions enabler, in partnership with its technology partner Whizz Education, the award-winning education company in the UK, has launched a new website for the Maths-Whizz Online Tutor which can be viewed at www.
Already a great success, the Whizz range of single-use products will undergo a colourful makeover, seeing it transform into a fresh, orange design.
That's where the Whizz Roller System's Round Roller (55001) comes in.
Whizz instinctively sensed trouble and dived in to help the struggling pet without being told.
Kare said: "I just really wanted to help other children similar to me' and so proposed that Whizz Kidz, a disabled children's charity, be the destination of the proceeds.
DR WHIZZ, winner of a bumper on his debut at Cork in October before scoring on his hurdling debut at Leopardstown's Christmas meeting, bids to retain his unbeaten record and boost his claims to join owner JP McManus's Cheltenham Festival team when he faces five rivals in the Corporate Hospitality at Fairyhouse Hurdle (2.
A close battle in IRC Class Two saw Richard Mann's Toledo II Defiance edge out the Formula 28 Billy Whizz by just five seconds.
Supermodel Erin O'Connor helps eight-year-old Shane Monaghan from Stourbridge in an egg hunt at the opening of the Birmingham Whizz Kidz Centre in Selly Oak
Pregnant Cherie is patron of the charity Whizz Kidz, which provided 13-year-old Claire, of Carntyne, Glasgow, with an electric scooter.