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The members of the Cape Pleasant Club were easygoing refugees from other and more exacting clubs, men who pottered rather than raced round the links; men, in short, who had grown tired of having to stop their game and stand aside in order to allow perspiring experts to whiz past them.
This scheme would mean that screaming idiots would whiz past my apartment 48 times an hour.
Summary: Asteroid Tb 145, dubbed the 'Halloween Skull' because of its resemblance to the human skull, will whiz past our planet on the night of Novem...
Looking back at her career, Britney mused that, after her debut, things seemed to just whiz past.
Petersburg police officer was driving home just after midnight, he saw a car whiz past him, driving about 100 miles per hour, authorities said, CNN reported.
All too often, pedestrians are in fear of their safety when cyclists suddenly whiz past.
The Irish shooting party had told how they watched "dangerous shots" whiz past them as they sheltered in a hide made of shrubbery.
Since the closure of the river-front road into the city centre, the traffic has been appalling, but it isn't helped by these ignorant morons who think it is clever to ignore the restrictions and whiz past fellow motorists on the inside lane, despite clear warnings.
I have only once seen a motorcyclist on a pavement but pedal cyclists routinely use them, while skateboards occasionally whiz past my window as I contemplate my garden.
This backward angle is commonly called "opening the garden gate" and will allow the ball to whiz past the defender to the intended receiver.
The maddeningly brief clips here salute the most memorably horrendous moments from five decades and 1 although they whiz past in a blur, it's almost heroic the way this contest unfailingly manages to bring out the worst in every country.
The new 'bendibuses' in London are a delight to travel on; easy access, comfort and smooth ride, accompanied by clear road space so that they whiz past other traffic.
On the Chukka Blue Adventures Canopy Tour, adventuresome tourists can watch the rainforest canopy whiz past while harnessed to a zip-line.
Small Kuiper belt comets whiz past Saturn at speeds several times as fast as that of a bullet.
Practically the entire novel appears in summary form, which means that twists, turns and untoward events whiz past at an alarming rate.