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And so, in typical fashion, Brendan has reacted to the huge success of The Whitest Flower with a raised eyebrow and a somewhat nonplussed expression.
But last October he set up a Facebook page using the name The Whitest Knight, expressing sympathy with a fellow far-right supporter who was posting anti-semitic tweets about a Jewish MP, Mr Rowdon said.
"Siesta Beach in Sarasota boasts that it has the finest and whitest sand in the world, and I cannot argue with this claim," Leatherman said of the beach.
"Yes," I thought, "you're still a bit of all right!" And then he opened his mouth to reveal the whitest gnashers you have ever seen.
Angels in whitest light, thunderous choirs, organ keys breaking clouds
It's set in the trimmed perfection of middle England, where adults still call their old boy "Daddy", compare who has the whitest plimsoles in the tennis club and get in a frightful muddle by peeing in the pantry on ma-ma's goose marinade.
Siesta Key in Sarasota is a barrier island eight miles long with the "finest, whitest sand beach in the world".
The black night of the opening act pervades the brightest, whitest love shack of Act Three.
The monochrome effect has been with us for some time but this season black teamed with the whitest of winter white epitomises pure class.
Two wins will still give football's whitest knight the last laugh on frightful Freddy.
She went to another school with more relaxed rules and dyed her hair the whitest blonde using carpet bleach.
The Johns boast one of the whitest, most college-educated and permanently brainiac-dweeby audiences imaginable, and "Gigantic's' many celebrity testimonials offer a roll call of that demographic's heroes.
No birch can match the chalk white bark of a good Betula jacquemontii; grafted trees are usually whitest. This tree won't grow in the coldest parts of the West or in the desert, but it does nicely everywhere west of the Pacific crest and in mild places east of the mountains.
Parsnips as misshapen as withered old men on park benches show me the firmest, whitest flesh when I break them open with my knife.
By JILLY BEATTIE THE weather may have been gloomy lately but locals still keep smiling with the whitest teeth in Britain.