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A 16-year-old Somali teenager with the biggest, whitest smile unjustly taken away from us.
She covers Hollywood's whitest, colorblind racism, typecasting, double bind, surviving Hollywood, challenging Hollywood, and diversifying Hollywood.
The place has the softest, whitest, finest shaved ice, and who wouldn't go for that?
The teachers are repellent--Simon discovers that the whitest of the Indian students receive good grades, and even Ms.
In my poems I have used the words sublime, dream state, nostalgia, island, longing, creature,fish, whitest of whites .
She added: "I'm just not like that and I mean I was the whitest girl on the stage.
Tester says: 'Seriously impressive - after three days I really noticed a difference and by the end of the treatment my teeth were their whitest ever.
It was known far and wide for the town slogan, which was strung across Lee Street and emblazoned on the water tower: "Greenville: The Blackest Land, the Whitest People.
That same passer-by may also have been intrigued to hear the words of an unfamiliar song drifting to him or her on the breeze: "We know what Daz is for, it's the whitest of white, da de da .
The beautiful Andy Williams Moon River Theatre, in Branson, Missouri, has been owned for the last couple of years by Jimmy Osmond, youngest of the Osmond brothers who, in the early 1970s, were a massive pop phenomenon with the smiliest, whitest teeth on British television.
The snow is the whitest King Red has ever seen and he just has to go a-walking.
Maria is one of 22 girls fast-tracked to the final out of 52 after judges chose them as having the whitest teeth in the Billion Dollar Smile award.
Tonight, we honor Hollywood's best and whitest -- excuse me, brightest,'' he said.
In other words, he's not only the whitest actor in a refreshingly diverse cast, but the whitest hat as well.
You can also go to the Heart Reef which is very romantic, or to Whitehaven beach which has some of the whitest sand in the world.