white knuckle

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white knuckle something

to survive something threatening through strained endurance, that is to say, holding on tight. The flight from New York was terrible. We had to white knuckle the entire flight.
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The beauty of the shows at Oakwood is that day visitors can stay in the evening and see both for free while evening visitors can arrive after 5.30pm for a special price of pounds 8.00." Oakwood's nightriders can also enjoy the new ride for 2002 - Europe's tallest, steepest, wettest white knuckle water ride Hydro, the world-class wooden roller coaster Megafobia, fourteen-storey high skycoaster Vertigo and the UK's only Shot `n Drop tower coaster The Bounce - in the dark!
Two passengers can also experience 'white knuckle' rides via three wrap-around 42in screens.
Europe's first double loop rollercoaster has carried in excess of 43.5 million white knuckle riders and travelled more than 820,000 miles during its 1,810,410 journeys to date.
Thrillseekers are promised a white knuckle ride to remember with the new pounds 8 million Infusion ride at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.
The Pirates of the Caribbean star has been following the Soka Gakkai school of Buddhism - a powerful Japanese movement based on the teachings of a 13th century monk - after his life turned into a "white knuckle ride."
As well as High Energy, the show also has white knuckle rides such as the Twister and also the Speed Raiser Waltzer.
Universal Studios is home to Harry Potter's Diagon Alley; white knuckle ride Rip Ride Rockit, the Revenge of the Mummy, Transformers 3D ride, ET and The Simpsons Ride.
THRILL-SEEKERS after a white knuckle ride should get aboard a new pounds 13.5million rollercoaster based on the horror movie SAW.
The stunning atria, soft landscaping and open spaces will create a light, airy alfresco environment in which visitors can relax, and watch the spectacle of the 'white knuckle' rides around.
White knuckle rides are among the many attractions at Blackpool's Pleasure Beach, and when you buy two wristbands you can get one free with our great offer
Then there's Coral Island, an undercover family entertainment centre, and the Sandcastle with its white knuckle water chutes.
The website for M&D's park near Motherwell, Lanarkshire, also boasts: 'The Tsunami stretches to a thundering 650 metres of terrifying white knuckle fun.'
SO apart from opening white knuckle rides just what do the Hamiltons do these days.
I feel like I'm on a rollercoaster - a white knuckle ride into the unknown.