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It is the foolishness of the white man," snapped Zilla.
Then let old Ebbits teach the white man wisdom," I said softly.
Now listen, O White Man, and I will tell you of a great foolishness.
My father," he said to the White Man, "this is my word.
Yes, my white father, I have long ears, though they say that I grow deaf.
For awhile he was silent, rocking himself to and fro, then he spoke: "You have a farm, White Man, down near Pine Town, is it not?
the white man gritted out through his teeth at the whole breed of Solomon Islanders.
He was very sick, this white man, as sick as the black men who lay helpless about him, and whom he attended.
The white man singled out the weakest, and put him in the place just vacated by the corpse.
White Fang, in the very nature of him, could never know anything about gods; at the best he could know only things that were beyond knowing--but the wonder and awe that he had of these man-animals in ways resembled what would be the wonder and awe of man at sight of some celestial creature, on a mountain top, hurling thunderbolts from either hand at an astonished world.
And White Fang licked his hurts and meditated upon this, his first taste of pack-cruelty and his introduction to the pack.
Ay, and he had heard of one white man whose particular devil-devil was so powerful that he could take out all his teeth and put them back at will.
On deck, the one white man kept guard with two revolvers in his belt.
So close were the two canoes to one another that the black had only an opportunity to note the white face in the bow of the oncoming craft before the two touched and his own men were upon their feet, yelling like mad devils and thrusting their long spears at the occupants of the other canoe.
But a moment later, when Kaviri was able to realize the nature of the crew that manned the white man's dugout, he would have given all the beads and iron wire that he possessed to have been safely within his distant village.