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care a whit

To care just the smallest amount. (A "whit" is an iota.) Often used in the negative. I don't care a whit what the neighbors say, I'm not taking that fence down!
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never a whit

old-fashioned Not at all or in any way. Sinful thought, though less condemnable than action, is never a whit less morally repugnant.
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not a whit

old-fashioned Not at all or in any way. We are not concerned about the investigation—not a whit. We have nothing to hide. A: "Do you mind if I tag along this afternoon?" B: "Not a whit!"
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not one whit

old-fashioned Not at all or in any way. We are not concerned about the investigation—not one whit. We have nothing to hide. A: "Do you mind if I tag along this afternoon?" B: "Not one whit!"
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to wit

That is; more precisely; namely. Often used in technical or formal writing. The officer testified to having found several grams of a Class B narcotic, to wit, cocaine, on the defendant's person at the time of arrest. The plot is absolutely absurd, such as it is—to wit, an axe-wielding murderer teams up with a cyborg cop to stop an alien invasion.
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didn't care a whit

 and don't care a whit
didn't care at all. Sally thought Joe liked her, but he didn't care a whit about her. I don't care a whit what you do with my old clothes.
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to wit

namely; that is; that is to say. The criminal was punished; to wit, he received a 20-year sentence. Many students, to wit Mary, Bill, Sue, and Anne, complained about their teacher.
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to wit

That is to say, namely, as in There are three good reasons for not going, to wit, we don't want to, we don't have to, and we can't get a reservation . This expression comes from the now archaic verb to wit, meaning "know or be aware of," not heard except in this usage. [Late 1500s]
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not a/one ˈwhit

(old-fashioned) not at all; not the smallest amount: The party leaders care not a whit about the principles of democracy and freedom.
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to ˈwit

(old-fashioned, formal) used when you are about to be more exact about something you have just referred to: I told him I only spoke one foreign language, to wit French.
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to wit

That is to say; namely.
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to wit

Namely, that is to say. This expression comes from the sixteenth-century archaic verb to wit, meaning to know or be aware of. The current usage has long been a cliché. It often appears before a list of some kind, as in, “His whole family plans to attend, to wit, his parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins.”
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