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care a whit

To care just the smallest amount. (A "whit" is an iota.) Often used in the negative. I don't care a whit what the neighbors say, I'm not taking that fence down!
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didn't care a whit

 and don't care a whit
didn't care at all. Sally thought Joe liked her, but he didn't care a whit about her. I don't care a whit what you do with my old clothes.
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not a/one ˈwhit

(old-fashioned) not at all; not the smallest amount: The party leaders care not a whit about the principles of democracy and freedom.
See also: not, one, whit
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Time is stretched for Whit because of the vast distances travelled.
We are excited to welcome Whit as a key addition to our team of experts servicing the greater Fort Worth area, said Leland Prowse, Transwestern principal.
Marking the start of National Disability Employment Awareness Month, RespectAbilityUSA is releasing a new bi-partisan survey conducted by Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg PhD of Quinlan Rosner Research and Republican Pollster Whit Ayes, PhD of Northstar Opinion.
In the Eastern Orthodox Church Whit Monday (or Pentacost Monday) is known as "Monday of the Holy Spirit" or "Day of the Holy Spirit" and is the first day of the afterfeast of Pentecost, being dedicated specifically to the honor of God the Holy Spirit and particularly to the historical event of his descent on the holy apostles on Pentecost.
The tourism industry is gaining ground at this time of year, so whether you want to have a round of golf at one of North Wales' challenging courses, a battery-re-charging walk along one of our secluded beaches, or a spot of challenging rock climbing with your mates, make a pact with yourself to get out there this Whit break, and enjoy the beautiful natural playground that is North Wales.
As 'Son' often told me, on Whit Sunday in 1925 one of the six regular dancers dropped out.
My mother made our clothes and at Whitsun we had three dresses - a special one to wear with a new hat to mass on Whit Sunday, an ordinary one to wear to the Treat and an extra special one for Corpus Christi.
CUTLINE: (1) Holden director Whit Wales uses video to craft a unique version of Tennessee Williams' "The Glass Menagerie.
After laboring over the "long, tortured speech" as Whit called it, he accompanied Wilson to Texas to hear him deliver his remarks at a meeting of the American Heart Fund.
The big laddie's been ragin' aw week efter whit that John Lennon said aboot us at Cellic Park last Setterday.
Initially, the city wanted to establish its first off-leash dog area at the planned Whit Carter Park, a 60-acre regional park that will be on Sierra Highway near Avenue H-8.
Whit Press (Hugo House, 1634 Eleventh Ave, Seattle WA 98122).
HFF executive managing director Whit Wilcox worked on behalf of Northland Associates LLC to secure the seven-year, fixed-rate first mortgage loan through Charter One Bank.
The program is a tribute to her late husband, Whit Ozier, who died in February 2004.
Photojournalist Whit Bronaugh writes from his home in Eugene, Oregon.