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Bush's dog whistling about peoples from Latin America and the Middle East.
But like the sound of a train on a summer night, you don't miss whistling until you hear it.
More and more, TV and radio commercials are using whistling, from P.
According to Anyone Can Whistle spokesperson Betsy Garthwaite, a New York Times column dated February 1999, in which writer David Finkle lamented the disappearance of whistling from modern American society, spurred the idea to specify a timeframe to honor this pastime.
Whistling backstage is a theatrical superstition from times when stagehands did it to show they were moving heavy scenery.
While some bird species use vocal alarms as a warning, Australian crested pigeon, Ocyphaps lophotes has a very curious whistling sound when it flies, which seems to change when it flies off in alarm, says Magrath.
The only place I know where whistling is banned is London's Burlington Arcade.
Music lover, name and address supplied ### THE reason we don't have whistlers in Britain any more is because weno longer have to share a lavatory in the street, where youhad to keep whistling to let people know it was in use.
We used to be up there riveting on the fuselage and wheel wells, whistling at the 4F guys who'd come walking through the (Lockheed) plant,'' Clare said, evoking a memory that made Myrtle laugh out loud.
The whistling duo from Asdee West in Co Kerry made their own little bit of history last weekend when they represented Kerry and Munster in the All-Ireland Fleadh Cheoil in Enniscorthy in their respective categories.
A LEADING building firm has announced a ban on its brickies wolf whistling at women, saying the "outdated" tradition had become a distraction for young house hunters.
We see more girls and women wolf whistling at men when they are on a night out now.
I heard this whistling, and it sounded like my bird I lost two years ago.
They commanded Magellan to turn off the whistling transmitter - thereby substantially cooling it - and to switch back to the faulty main transmitter, which can relay the craft's engineering data but none of the mapping information.
A PAIR of whistling frames could end the frustration of spec wearers who keep losing their glasses.