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John said: "On the second night, we did hear a whistling noise and we thought it was some kind of bird.
This is because crooks used to signal to each other by whistling.
But, you see, the world doesn't need great whistling, just ordinary whistling.
Moreover, I am featured in, and am the narrator of, the documentary film, "Pucker-Up--The Fine Art of Whistling," scheduled to be released in 2006.
Martin Currie, of the National Federation of Builders, said he didn't think wolf whistling a bad thing but the federation believes it sends the wrong message.
The idea, say police, is that other residents will join in the whistling and that will drive the unwanted person away.
I then came home, and went whistling all over the house, much pleased with my whistle, but disturbing all the family.
Already one customer is whistling a happy tune about the Armchair Shopper which allows companies to build an online "shop" customised to their own business.
He'd be whistling songs like `Whistle While You Work,' Walt Disney sound-track songs.
com, has declared the month of August "National Whistling Appreciation Month" in a cooperative effort with members of the International Association of Whistlers to encourage more Americans to whistle.
Melbourne, Sep 2 (ANI): An Australian species of pigeon, called the Ocyphaps lophotes, has the ability to produce a unique whistling sound with its wings to alarm others in the flock about any potential danger, say researchers at the Australian National University in Canberra.
A LEADING building firm has announced a ban on its brickies wolf whistling at women, saying the "outdated" tradition had become a distraction for young house hunters.
Areas of the brain linked to speech also spring into action when people communicate with each other by whistling, according to a new report.
Now, tell me,who can go around today whistling the garbage that is churned out by the so-called bands in the charts these days?
We used to be up there riveting on the fuselage and wheel wells, whistling at the 4F guys who'd come walking through the (Lockheed) plant,'' Clare said, evoking a memory that made Myrtle laugh out loud.