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It got to the point where if he whistled he went out without being told.
As seen in the video embedded in the whistled website, it is very simple to set up and will detect all the very different types of whistles.
2 : to move, pass, or go with a high-pitched sound <The arrow whistled past.
Our buyers know what they want and the general feeling is that women won't stand for being whistled at by builders.
Mr Goad said the general feeling was women wouldn't stand for being whistled at by builders and men found it insulting when their loved ones were whistled.
This whole problem could be nipped in the bud, as ol' Barney Fife might say, if the officials in the younger levels of high school and summer AAU basketball whistled palming regularly.
My father whistled, though mainly when he was nervous.
The whistled sounds are surprisingly complicated and even almost birdlike.
Visions of "Get me the guy who whistled that Verizon ad