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I am master of all the birds in the world, and have only to blow my whistle and every one will come to me.
So he blew his whistle, and when he blew it then all the birds of the world began to gather.
Because during the last few nights I have always, about three in the morning, heard a low, clear whistle.
As I opened my door I seemed to hear a low whistle, such as my sister described, and a few moments later a clanging sound, as if a mass of metal had fallen.
You'll find her so; she must be, to make you learn to whistle to her bullfinches.
Ojo gave a jump, for he saw several broad leaves leaning toward him; but the Shaggy Man began to whistle again, and at the sound the leaves all straightened up on their stems and kept still.
I always whistle as I go by 'em and so they always let me alone.
Long after Pacifique's gay whistle had faded into the phantom of music and then into silence far up under the maples of Lover's Lane Anne stood under the willows, tasting the poignant sweetness of life when some great dread has been removed from it.
That's my whistle," said Prince Evring, holding it out upon his hand.
Well, then, watch me," returned the hen, and reaching out a claw she touched the whistle and said "Ev.
When I am far enough away from him, I shall blow a call on my whistle.
Our own whistle was blowing hoarsely, and from time to time the sound of other whistles came to us from out of the fog.
That's a ferry-boat of some sort," the new-comer said, indicating a whistle off to the right.
He that had four hundred swords at his whistle, I have seen, with these eyes of mine, buying butter in the market-place, and taking it home in a kale-leaf.
A smart guard jumped out, giving a whistle, and after him one by one the impatient passengers began to get down: an officer of the guards, holding himself erect, and looking severely about him; a nimble little merchant with a satchel, smiling gaily; a peasant with a sack over his shoulder.