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whiskey dick

vulgar slang A penis incapable of achieving or maintaining an erection due to having too much alcohol in the bloodstream. I always get horny when I get really drunk, but then I usually end up succumbing to whiskey dick as a result.
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whiskey nose

dated A red, swollen, bumpy appearance to one's nose, commonly (but mistakenly) ascribed to long-term alcohol abuse. Technically known as a rhinophyma. The old drunk had all the stereotypical traits—a chronic hiccup, a bright red whiskey nose, and disheveled clothes that hadn't seen a washing machine in weeks. More than just being unsightly, people think this rhinophyma is a whiskey nose, even though I've never touched a drop of liquor in my life!
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whiskey tenor

1. slang A husky or guttural voice in the tenor range, as is or could be the result of tobacco, alcohol, or drug abuse. The old man stood up and started singing a beautiful song in a haunting whiskey tenor. He had such a clear, pure voice when he was a young man, but it degraded into a croaky whiskey tenor after so many years of substance abuse.
2. slang Someone who speaks or sings with such a voice. A whiskey tenor like him wouldn't normally make it so far in the competition, but something about his performance has captivated audiences.
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whiskey voice

slang A husky or guttural voice resulting from prolonged tobacco, alcohol, or drug abuse. The old man stood up and started singing a beautiful song in a haunting whiskey voice. I've always been afraid of getting whiskey voice, so I decided long ago never to drink or smoke.
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whiskey dick

1. n. a penis exhibiting impotence, as from too much alcohol. Well, it looks like a case of whiskey dick.
2.  a limp windsock at an airport. There’s a whiskey dick over there on the right, so it looks like we can go in.
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whiskey tenor

n. a strained tenor. Four whiskey tenors do not a barbershop quartet make.
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