whisk off

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whisk (someone or an animal) off

to brush [something] off someone or an animal. The barber quickly whisked him off and collected the fee. The barber whisked off the customer.
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whisk someone or something off (to something)

to move someone or something to something or some place rapidly. The government agents whisked the witness off to a secret place. They whisked off the suspect to a holding cell.
See also: off, whisk

whisk something off (of) someone or something

 and whisk something off
to brush something off someone or something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) The barber whisked the loose hairs off of the customer. The barber whisked off the loose hairs.
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whisk off

1. To remove something from the surface of someone or something with quick light sweeping motions: My friend whisked the crumbs off the table.
2. To remove something or someone from something swiftly and quietly: The waiter whisked the dish off the table. They whisked the actor off the stage.
3. To escort, conduct, or carry someone or something swiftly and quietly away: The bodyguards whisked off the politician after the speech. My parents whisked us off. The victim was whisked off to the hospital.
4. To depart on an errand swiftly and quietly: The salesperson whisked off and returned with the perfect gift.
5. To indulge someone's fancy by conducting or transporting them away: My partner whisked me off to New York. The butler whisked off the guests to the dining room.
See also: off, whisk