whisk around

whisk someone around

to move someone around rapidly from place to place. I didn't get much chance to see the city. They just whisked me around. We whisked around the visitor from place to place.
See also: around, whisk
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Some people whisk around each neighborhood charming people, moving quickly and producing sales like crazy.
A third piece is Interlace itself, a three-sided video installation showing a "woollen room" ( which is to say, you stand amid the screens and watch magnified lengths of wool whisk around you.
Why not have taxi bikes on site to whisk around lazy holidaymakers like me?
magazine whisk around his Virgin empire in the most shameless piece of self publicity since Martin Bashir discovered the word 'I'.
Jumps only, Flat and jumps, and predominantly all-weather-the wide variety of British racing could hardly have been better illustrated than on a whisk around the lower half of the country last Friday and Saturday.