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asked Ilagin as he approached the whip who had sighted the hare- and not without agitation he looked round and whistled to Erza.
asked Nicholas, riding a hundred paces toward the whip who had sighted the hare.
Law, Missis, you must whip me; my old Missis allers whipped me.
Number Thirteen had seen von Horn's extra bull whip hanging upon a peg in the living room.
They envied the ease and comparative beauty of the old professor and his assistant, and hated the latter for the cruelty of the bull whip and the constant menace of the ever ready revolver; and so as they were to them the representatives of the great human world of which they could never be a part, their envy and jealousy and hatred of these men embraced the entire race which they represented.
Raising the bull whip above his head the young giant leaped among the advancing brutes and lay about him with mighty strokes that put to shame the comparatively feeble blows with which von Horn had been wont to deal out punishment to the poor, damned creatures of the court of mystery.
They're lazy, I tell you, and you've got to whip them to get anything out of them.
He pulled when he could; when he could no longer pull, he fell down and remained down till blows from whip or club drove him to his feet again.
And when the club or whip fell upon them, the spark fluttered feebly up, and they tottered to their feet and staggered on.
The whip flashed out, here and there, on its merciless errands.
He sang an ancient song of Killisnook and brandished his whip like a baton.
He shouted choking and gurgling curses at the starry heavens; he cut viciously with his whip at passing vehicles; he scattered fierce and ever-changing oaths and imprecations along the streets, so that a late truck driver, crawling homeward, heard and was abashed.
IN MY view, the vast majority of the racing community and the racing public are content over the whip situation.
The predicament of the Whips reminded me more than anything of the struggles of the Major government in the early nineties.