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"Whipping punishment (in ta'zir cases) is not supposed to exceed more than ten strokes, except in hudud cases which is under the rights of Allah.
Whipping punishment has come under close scrutiny lately.
* Library research is conducted on relevant materials on whipping punishment.
* This research also conducts a comparative study between the basic Syariah principles on whipping punishment and the provisions on whipping under the Syariah Criminal Procedure Act (Federal Territories) 1997.
* Interviews are also conducted to gauge the level of understanding of the general public on Syariah whipping punishment.
Whipping Punishment under Syariah Criminal Procedure (Federal Territories) Act 1997:
Legal provisions pertaining to execution of whipping punishment could be found in most Syariah Criminal Procedure Enactments in Malaysia.
Section 125(2) provides specifications for the actual whip to be used for whipping. It must be made of skin or rattan, smooth and even.
The sources relating to the whipping of Richard Moore tell conflicting stories that cannot easily be reconciled.
The Cincinnati Gazette, which in effect broke the story of the whipping, had for many years presented a Republican critique of the South and now carried an abolitionist fervor into the postwar world.
In this account of the whipping, which is quoted in full, Richard Moore, though "colored," was clearly identified by the Gazette as "one of us." In an act of what Lynn Hunt has termed "imagined empathy," the Gazette implicitly included Moore in its community of loyal unionists.
The Cincinnati Gazette's report on the whipping drew a rapid-fire response from the main newspaper in Lincoln County.
What the Gazette had portrayed as a heinous assault on a Union veteran by recalcitrant rebels, the Observer saw as a deserved whipping of a bad man, a former slave.
These two newspaper accounts of the whipping diverge so widely that they scarcely seem to represent the same event.
Emotions encapsulated within and aroused by the whipping of Richard Moore contained heavy doses of anger, frustration, and moral indignation.