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He said this in the Dewan Rakyat today in reply to a supplementary question from Abdullah Sani Abdul Hamid (PH-Kapar) on the government's views on doing away with whipping altogether and be replaced with a longer jail term, which was seen as more beneficial in making the offenders remorseful.
A gentleman known as William Murray, in his youth, was King Charles I's whipping boy.
"Whipping punishment (in ta'zir cases) is not supposed to exceed more than ten strokes, except in hudud cases which is under the rights of Allah.
The sources relating to the whipping of Richard Moore tell conflicting stories that cannot easily be reconciled.
The shape of the beater or whipping utensil also affects the amount of air beaten into the cream.
* RESEARCH ASSISTANTS: Elizabeth Booth and James Sykes in London, complete with House of Commons' passes, preparing for Huddersfield Thespians'' next production, Whipping It Up
To produce basic whipped cream, it's as simple as putting one pint of liquid whipping cream into a cream whipper, charging it with one charger, and shaking it three or four limes.
Nothing riles me more than seeing a jockey who is not in the first four whipping a horse.
Enjoy the freshest and most natural-tasting whipped or flavored cream and light desserts in just seconds, without the time and effort of hand whipping. With an iSi cream whipper, simply add heavy whipping cream to the bottle, twist in a cream charger, shake, and dispense.
Racing is a great sport but the sight of jockeys whipping horses, sometimes very tired ones, and watching their aesthetically beautiful response is not an essential part of the sport's greatness, or appeal.
* Using a cream whipper, home chefs can create a variety of products without whipping, whisking, or messy cleanup.
"If someone outside racing was seen whipping a horse 16 times they would be arrested and probably prosecuted.
RSPCA Australia funded the study that investigated the impact of the whip on the performance of horses in races and co-author Dr David Evans said the results offered no support for the retention of whipping in the sport.
Despite failing in his earlier attempts to force the government to commission research into the effects of whipping horses in races and to criminalise excessive use of the whip, Liberal Democrat MP Mike Hancock is unmoved in his stance.
If I was hit by a whip, I'd respond, but I'd still feel abused if the whipping continued, unimpressed by the claim that it was justified because I was still responding.