whip (someone or something) into shape

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whip (someone or something) into shape

To return someone or something into acceptable condition or behavior, especially through direct, efficient, and practical means. The president won the election on his promise to whip the economy into shape by overhauling outdated or inefficient legislation. What he really needs is a mentor who will whip him into shape.
See also: shape, whip

whip someone or something into shape

to cause someone or something to be in a better condition. The coach was not able to whip the players into shape before the game. I think I can whip this proposal into shape quickly. Hey, Tom, whip yourself into shape. You look a mess.
See also: shape, whip

whip something into shape

See also: shape, something, whip

whip into shape

To bring to a specified state or condition, vigorously and often forcefully.
See also: shape, whip
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He added: "At least I get to be brown for a few days, then it has to come off." Joe also said he is keen to show off his newly toned legs, after dance partner Katya Jones whipped him into shape.
Froch (right) appeared underprepared when Groves knocked him down during their first fight in November, but is adamant United nutritionist Mark Ellison, who also works with Team GB's boxers and Sale Sharks, has since whipped him into shape.
Mark Flynn, a professional photographer based in Kirkheaton who captured the scenes, said: "Eorl was a bit doubtful at first but Lynne soon whipped him into shape, finally producing a superb flower bouquet.
it's Froch's stunning girlfriend, model Rachael Cordingley, who has whipped him into shape as she gets back to full fitness following the birth of their son, Rocco.
He has whipped him into shape by taking him to a remote training camp in Belgium and says the former British and Commonwealth champ is a new man.