whip (someone or something) into shape

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whip (someone or something) into shape

To return someone or something into acceptable condition or behavior, especially through direct, efficient, and practical means. The president won the election on his promise to whip the economy into shape by overhauling outdated or inefficient legislation. What he really needs is a mentor who will whip him into shape.
See also: shape, whip

whip someone or something into shape

to cause someone or something to be in a better condition. The coach was not able to whip the players into shape before the game. I think I can whip this proposal into shape quickly. Hey, Tom, whip yourself into shape. You look a mess.
See also: shape, whip

whip something into shape

See also: shape, something, whip

whip into shape

To bring to a specified state or condition, vigorously and often forcefully.
See also: shape, whip
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Coach Christopher Sasha, author of Transforming Your Lifestyle One Belief at a Time, offers up an all-over body workout sure to whip you into shape. Try this 50-minute workout two or three times a week and watch your bod go from average to amazing!
Fitness expert Libby Anderson has the perfect alternative to high-impact cardio gym workouts - a body sculpting technique that will whip you into shape in no time.
Curves will whip you into shape so you turn heads this party season!" For further information, phone 0800 130 0544 or visit www.curvesscotland.com.
EVERY girl wants to look her best on her wedding day but unless you're Coleen McLoughlin and can hire a punishing personal trainer to whip you into shape it's easier said than done.
04 SUPER-FIT Karen and Erin, on the Strictly Come Dancersize DVD, will whip you into shape in no time; pounds 11.99, from HMV.
That's the best bit of news I've heard all week, although I did hear a WISPA that a little bit of what you fancy is BOUNTY be good for you - maybe even give you a BOOST, if you work it off with a TWIRL or two that should WALNUT WHIP you into shape.
So if you're planning on a New You this New Year, check out these bodies beautiful who want to help whip you into shape.
Stephen Smith, dance instructor and dean of students at the Debbie Allen Dance Academy in Culver City, California, can whip you into shape. "I can make anybody dance," asserts Smith.