whip up

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whip someone up

to excite or stir up someone. Well, you've certainly whipped them up with that speech. Harry whipped up the crowd with a few good jokes.
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whip something up

to prepare, create, or put something together. I haven't written my report yet, but I'll whip one up before the deadline. I will whip up the most beautiful arrangement you have ever seen.
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whip up

1. Arouse, excite, as in The speaker whipped up the mob [Early 1800s]
2. Prepare quickly, as in I can easily whip up some lunch. This usage was first recorded in 1611.
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whip up

1. To churn or agitate something into a state of turbulence: The storm whipped up the sea, endangering the ships. The wind whipped the fire up so that it raged out of control. The car whipped up the leaves along the road.
2. To cause something to form by churning or agitating: The storm whipped up massive waves in the normally calm sea. The hurricane whipped several tornados up in its wake.
3. To rouse the emotions of some group of people; excite some group of people: The candidate whipped up the mob with talk of reform. The finale whipped the audience up into a frenzy.
4. To summon some collective emotion or sentiment by exciting a group of people: The promoters whipped up enthusiasm for the new film. We'll need a lot of hype to sell this product, and our marketers can whip it up.
5. To prepare something quickly or easily: We whipped up a light lunch before setting out. I whipped some oatmeal up in just a few minutes.
6. whip up on To defeat someone decisively; outdo someone: The home team whipped up on its rival last weekend.
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STAR-STUDDED CUPCAKES: Whip up a batch of cupcakes using a cake mix.
If chocolate is a must on the fall or Thanksgiving table, whip up an Almond Fudge Banana cake from scratch with unsweetened cocoa.
Also, you can whip up creations with mostly premade items - like turning a wheel of plain brie into a torte with store-bought pesto and pine nuts - or wrapping up a dip or spread in a tortilla with thin sliced sandwich meats and some lettuce leaves and roasted red peppers.
Pick up a wide variety of in-season fresh fruits to whip up some of the fruit-friendly recipes that follow, which were designed to help you keep your cool.