whip back

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whip back (on someone)

[for something] to snap back and strike someone. The branch whipped back and struck Jill in the leg. It whipped back and slapped my side.
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"I think all that may happen and, if it does, who knows, I might take the whip back before I leave Parliament."
Fido resembled a Smooth Fox Terrier but with a nonconforming, rounded head and ears she could whip back around her skull so the tips met or telescope out to the side like wings on a prop plane.
If that happens, the cable can whip back and injure or kill anyone in its path.
She said: "I have no intention of taking the whip back because justice is not done.
You curse swamps and mud holes childishly, willows whip back at you and you slash back at them with the axe in a rage and all nature seems to fight you.
At the release the string must move out and around your face and chest as it moves ahead, causing it to whip back and forth as it pushes the arrow forward.
Many tissues in the body sport cilia, most of which whip back and forth.
glowed as he took the whip back in a tight circle to strike again.
(A fumarole is like a geyser, except it's mostly steam.) When it blasted off, Rick felt the ground shake and saw trees whip back and forth.
At the same time as bringing the whip back into the spotlight, it has also reopened the debate over whether penalties for whip offences should be more severe.
Whether you pull off a 'No Footed Can-Can' or a 'Tail Whip Back Flip' depends entirely on which bike you have!
"I think all that may happen and if it does - who knows, I might take the whip back before I leave Parliament."
In the end, the reader is not surprised to see the family whip back into shape at the sight of Flora's suitcase by the door, or to learn that the suitcase is actually empty.
You want to gnurdle that phlange, matey, or the clackett will whip back and take your arm off at the shoulder.