whip away

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whip something away (from someone)

to jerk something away from someone suddenly. The mugger whipped Sally's purse away from her and ran. The thief whipped away the purse.
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While it is easy to pontificate about what should or should not go through a rider's mind in the heat of battle, with all the dangers and emotions such a battle entails - and Enright admitted he was not thinking correctly at the time - a punishment of two days for giving one's whip away in the early stages of a race can hardly be setting a precedent.
It is called 'hard sell your product, whip away your customer's money and keep them on a distant leash with regards to after-sales service'.
But let us hope that any new government does not whip away necessary funds as any cutbacks are imposed.
Scudamore threw his whip away in disgust and I think I threw something at the television.
After throwing his whip away in disgust, the jockey walked away, only to burst into tears as the magnitude of his loss sank in.
At the first sign of a chill in the air they efficiently whip away summer throws and cushions, replacing them with warmer ones which had of course been carefully stored away, clean and pressed.
He added: "It is a balancing act between wanting to be as responsive as possible but trying to avoid creating a reduction we are going to have to whip away from people within a few months.
FRANKIE DETTORI yesterday expressed his surprise at hearing he may be in for a second reprimand from the Santa Anita stewards, this time for throwing his whip away in jubilation following his success aboard Raven's Pass in the Breeders' Cup Classic.
Not that he saw much of his starter, as the daughters were poised with forks to whip away the fancy fanned bits of melon.
If you truly believe that taking the whip away is necessary, can you really find a moral justification for racing in totality?
Karsh was given only two minutes to take his picture when Winnie visited Canada in 1941 and, as a result, the first thing he did was to whip away Churchill's ever-present cigar.