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Anything great, wild, or excessive. Usually used in the form "a winger of a…." Mary and I had a winger of a fight over the finances last night. We were expecting a winger of a party, but it turned out to be pretty lame.
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and wing-ding
1. n. a love affair; a sexual affair. Sam and Martha brought their little whing-ding to an end.
2. n. a gadget. I’ve never seen one of these little wing-dings so banged up.
3. and whinger n. a wild drinking party; drinking spree. Fred had one of the best whing-dings this town has ever seen.


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How short are your memories Welsh Whingers? I remember France putting 50 points on us.
I'll tell you where - at the mercy of the whinger and on a very slippery slope.
The difference with sunny Sunil is that he is chairman of the cricket committee of the International Cricket Council and Fletcher is understandably upset that a top official can accuse another country of being champion whingers of the world.
STAYING on the theme of whingers, I heard someone else complaining about the media on the radio this morning.
Rule No 1 for whingers: Never blame the referee, for as fast as you demonstrate that he got Law 8,927 (paragraph 42, sub-clause xxxiii) wrong, he'll be able to prove that he didn't.
Celia Imrie plays the sister of Mrs Jamieson (Barbara Flynn) and Lesley Sharp is Mrs Bell, a widow who's a "bit of a whinger" I'm told.
Stop being a whinger and start being a winger if you want to be in this strong Everton team where no one is guaranteed a place.
Bryan Bayram, 25, was given the boot from his pounds 18,000-a-year post as deputy manager at a recycling centre after posting comments under the name The Ginger Whinger. One reads: "If you want to bring your c**p here you're gonna have to recycle, not expect me to shift it for you!" It adds: "If not you can go and fly tip in a field for all I care."
Evans quit last month after rows with Channel 4 but despite getting star presenters like Kylie Minogue and Davina McCall, producers have left the December 22 berth open for the Ginger Whinger..
After all that doom and gloom down Albert Square she could be Whinger Spice.
Ginger Whinger Evans will be seen travelling to explore the global obsession with golf - from Shiskine on Arran to India and Japan.
The whinger's calls are now being logged separately to avoid distorting the statistics.
Ginger whinger Chris Evans ran Major close for least favourite passenger.
Tom trying to impress a pouting pussy by making a roll-up ciggie was deemed "inappropriate" behaviour for youngsters by our anonymous whinger. Regulators went one further and called it potentially dangerous.
REFEREE Horacio Elizondo has rapped Wayne Rooney for being a World Cup whinger.