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Anything great, wild, or excessive. Usually used in the form "a winger of a…." Mary and I had a winger of a fight over the finances last night. We were expecting a winger of a party, but it turned out to be pretty lame.
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and wing-ding
1. n. a love affair; a sexual affair. Sam and Martha brought their little whing-ding to an end.
2. n. a gadget. I’ve never seen one of these little wing-dings so banged up.
3. and whinger n. a wild drinking party; drinking spree. Fred had one of the best whing-dings this town has ever seen.


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Anyway, that's a few Cardiffian whinges off one's chest.
All the c**p last year, I don't whinge about it, I'm jovial
I hope The Journal doesn't seek to whinge "the whole world's against us".
Don't whinge about not being able to predict when winter comes, let's assume we get four bad months starting from the middle of November - that's called a decision, and it makes a good starting point.
WITH reference to the letter from Wyn Hobson (May 13), he claims that a substantial proportion of the public who whinge about MPs' expenses routinely avail themselves of perks.
And anyway, I'm not sure the best way to avoid media attention is to appear on GMTV havinga whinge.
OI find it annoying when they go in there and whinge,O she said.
John Terry has paid tribute to the rest of the Chelsea squad for refusing to whinge about being left out of the team.
I need a big wedge of cash from the National Lottery...whinge, whinge." Honestly, to listen to them you'd think they live off bread and dripping.
All we heard in the build-up to the event on the sports bulletins was whinge, whinge, whinge and whinge.
But I suspect there are those who are less charitable and will still continue to moan and whinge on.
SOME will whinge that it is merely the Championship, but it is a long-awaited trophy nonetheless.
Whinge De Jong has urged his team-mates not to whinge about being left out of the side - with the City squad well-stocked, especially in attack.
Constantly the Muslims are saying how they want to fit into our society, yet when it doesn't suit them they whine, whinge and complain that it does not conform to their religion.
A GREAT failing in Scotland is a natural tendency to whinge and bring our own people down.