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whine about someone or something

to whimper or complain about someone or something. Please don't whine about Sally. She is sorry she couldn't come to your party, but it's not the end of the world. The dog is whining about its hurt paw.
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whine something out

to say something in a whine; to say something, using a whine for a voice. She whined her complaint out so everyone could hear it. Jake whined out his usual complaints.
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He may interpret this as he "has" to whine to get fed.
So you missed it at the puppy stage, and now when you sit in the duck boat your dog whines at the prospect of a good hunt.
If he whines because of car or motion sickness, he will probably have his ears down, tail down if not tucked and his body generally lowered.
Many dogs whine and wait eagerly at the front door but eventually adjust to the absence of their young owners when they are in class.
After two incidents and responses by me at the moment of the whine, relief.
But the fiery ex-model, 52, hit back: "Everyone whines.
Hezbollah fires rockets and stores munitions in residential neighborhoods, then whines when the civilians that they leave in those locations are killed.
Emerald Vulture whines into the growling lower bowels and will then rupture your spleen.
If a person whines from legitimate frustration, then dealing with the reason for the frustration will help, In this case, conveying sympathy and a willingness to help is essential.
Fortunately, she has avoided the common pitfall of similar novels that feature a protagonist, usually a woman, who constantly whines and complains about men, work, money and sex.
Only when Eitzel whines "No one cares if I live or die" does his drama go off the deep end.
These animals not only use sound to locate prey (and each other), but some evidence suggests that they also communicate in a code of clicks, whines and squawks that scientists have yet to crack completely.
Scalia whines about persecution, yet he has worked overtime to tear down the constitutional wall of separation between church and state that is religious freedom's best protection.
Every time she whines he gets annoyed and has smacked her hard a few times to teach her a lesson.
That myth is a product of the education lobby, which makes sure California teachers earn the highest salaries in the nation, yet constantly whines that schools are underfunded.