whine about

whine about (someone or something)

To complain about someone or something in an irritating, childish, or peevish way. Stop whining about being bored, or I swear I will turn this car around and drive straight home! Timmy whined about his coworkers for the entire evening.
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whine about someone or something

to whimper or complain about someone or something. Please don't whine about Sally. She is sorry she couldn't come to your party, but it's not the end of the world. The dog is whining about its hurt paw.
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Summary: Madrid [Spain], Oct 3 (ANI): Brazillian striker Neymar, whose national side was eliminated from the 2018 FIFA World Cup at the quarter-final stage, has said that he is not going to whine about the loss for the lifetime.
Yes, there are some unfortunate people, they are always there, but most of the people who whine about the problem are high school dropouts who during their time never did care for studies nor for any thing else and just had fun.
They've been told for decades that they are disgusting and unwanted, but they run to Mass every week and then whine about the church's stance toward them.
I / we am / are very sorry we had a bit of a whine about the minor inconvenience of being stuck in traffic two mornings out of the year.
No prospective employer wants to hear a job candidate whine about the current employment market.
It is indeed unfortunate that when issues like this come to our attention, the corporate community's first inclination, often with the backing of pro-business politicians and pundits, is to play down the dangers or whine about the costs involved--as if people's health were not the first priority.
And VMI's "rat line" is a lot tougher than some of the experiences women are encouraged to whine about. "I'm uncomfortable when a professor takes my ideas and subjects me to some sort of public humiliation," New York University law student Sarah Thieman told The New York Times, complaining about the Socratic method of law school teaching.
The 51-year-old British actor also admitted that he is still coming to terms with life in the spotlight because he doesn't want to appear to whine about fame.
How many times can you hear someone whine about how so-and-so won't share his vodka?
Expect some Americans to whine about a new wine called Le Vin du Coeur.