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Melbourne, Dec 29 (ANI): Hollywood actress Paris Hilton whiled away her time in Australia just by shopping.
It made him the first Welsh world champion since 2004, whiled Lauren Robson, of Ely School, won a bronze in sparring.
The jockey has whiled away his enforced absence on the golf course, and wasted little time when scoring on just his second mount back in the Garden Of England Nursery.
Barefoot Kimberly, daughter of rocker Rod Stewart, 62, showed off her perfect pins in a frilly white cotton mini-dress and whiled away the afternoon sipping coffee with Calum, 26, who is supposed to be dating wild-child Lindsay Lohan.
"American mastodons were not just docile herbivores that whiled away their time in forests and meadows," says Daniel C.
Lets hope as he whiled away the hours in front of his Japanese-made TV in Madrid last week Beck-san, Japans new national hero, caught some of the footage of dolphins being hacked to death.
When he was not squiring the old man around town, Jordan whiled away the hours reading books, much to the amazement of his boss.