wild horses wouldn't drag (one) to (something)

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wild horses wouldn't drag (one) to (something)

No force or enticement will make or convince one to go some place. I don't know what to do. Wild horses won't drag my kids to the dentist! I don't know why she bothered asking me if I'd like to go—wild horses wouldn't drag me to one of those boy band concerts.
See also: drag, horse, wild

wild horses

If you say that wild horses would not make you do something, you mean that nothing would make you do it. Wild horses wouldn't drag this secret out of me. Wild horses wouldn't make Nicola sell the house.
See also: horse, wild

wild horses won't drag someone to something (or something from someone)

nothing will make someone go to a particular place (or divulge particular information). informal
1998 Times As things stand, wild horses wouldn't drag [children] to a symphony concert.