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not get a whiff of (something)

To not get even the smallest portion or sample of something desirable. Health insurance, a company phone, and a pension plan? Man, I didn't get a whiff of benefits like that when I was working for that company. He didn't patent the design, so when it went on to make millions of dollars, he didn't get a whiff of that money.
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*whiff of something

1. . Lit. the smell or odor of something. (*Typically: get ~; catch ~; have ~; take ~; give someone ~.) Did you get a whiff of the turkey roasting? Yummy. I caught a whiff of something rather unpleasant in the attic. I think there is a dead mouse up there.
2. . Fig. a bit of knowledge of something. (*Typically: get ~; catch ~; give someone ~.) The boss got a whiff of the problems in the accounting department. No one will get a whiff of your trouble with the police. I'll see to that.
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and wiff-sniffer
n. a prohibitionist; someone always alert for the smell of alcohol on someone’s breath. (Prohibition.) No wiff-sniffer is going to tell me what to do.
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The Birkenhead-born star tells the ECHO he never wanted to cause any trouble when he had a quick whiff of helium from a balloon live on air.
The pungent whiff of dirty trainers, day-old pizzas and cheap beer doesn't exactly sound appealing.
Users add a cap of Washer Whiffs, which are small fragrance infused crystals, at the start of the wash cycle and they can replace their dryer sheet with a Dryer Disk.
Larval bay whiffs were found in a large salinity gradient (0-31.
It's not every woman who can put up with the whiff of Eau de Cod while she's making love.
BOSTON - Old-time players liked to choke up and poke two-strike pitches to right, anything to avoid that head-down walk to the dugout after a whiff.
Wunderlee's writing is fresh, unbound, and stirring, with hints of taunting, and whiffs of erudition.
be 25-0, but there apparently are whiffs of disrespect wafting outside
A team of researchers from the United States and Germany gave four male marmosets whiffs of an alcohol-water solution containing genital-gland secretions from ovulating females, the same secretions from females without ovaries, or no secretions.
to accompany these whiffs of death-rock morbidity; like his drawings, this work makes you chuckle and shudder simultaneously.
Why not check out your oxters for distinctive whiffs of your home town?
Some animals can get strong whiffs of odors that people don't even know are there.