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not get a whiff of (something)

To not get even the smallest portion or sample of something desirable. Health insurance, a company phone, and a pension plan? Man, I didn't get a whiff of benefits like that when I was working for that company. He didn't patent the design, so when it went on to make millions of dollars, he didn't get a whiff of that money.
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*whiff of something

1. . Lit. the smell or odor of something. (*Typically: get ~; catch ~; have ~; take ~; give someone ~.) Did you get a whiff of the turkey roasting? Yummy. I caught a whiff of something rather unpleasant in the attic. I think there is a dead mouse up there.
2. . Fig. a bit of knowledge of something. (*Typically: get ~; catch ~; give someone ~.) The boss got a whiff of the problems in the accounting department. No one will get a whiff of your trouble with the police. I'll see to that.
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and wiff-sniffer
n. a prohibitionist; someone always alert for the smell of alcohol on someone’s breath. (Prohibition.) No wiff-sniffer is going to tell me what to do.
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President Duterte has repeatedly warned government officials that he would fire them even with just a "whiff" of corruption.
'Could it be that Secretary Andanar and the PCOO people just want a whiff of winter; thus, the sudden urge to go into this information caravan?
Duterte has fired officials for frequent travels and other "whiffs" of corruption but the Palace did not pursue cases against them.
The dirty deed done, we sped away, car windows wide open in drizzly rain, yet the whiff persisted.
There's the fungal whiff of damp shrubbery with a Pinot
And if they have to put up with the whiff of something not entirely pleasant in order to keep it safe and secure, well, the DUP have strong stomachs.
IMAGINE the whiff of mothballs, the waft of a suit that sees the light of day only for weddings, funerals - and elections.
The Birkenhead-born star tells the ECHO he never wanted to cause any trouble when he had a quick whiff of helium from a balloon live on air.
They blamed "a distinct whiff of laziness among men." Plus a possible whiff of something else.
TOKYO -- The whiff of a Whopper made hundreds of customers hungry for a Burger King special Wednesday -- ''Flame Grilled'' cologne.
Summary: Frankfurt: The world's auto industry said it believes it can smell the whiff of recovery ...
Scientists say blood and oxygen create the white light visits from realm but reconnected one, in whiff condition had improved so rapidly that she was able to be released from the hospital within weeks without a trace of cancer in her body.
The company says the promotion "challenges men to take a whiff of what a double dose of confidence smells like."
* Grateful Dead T-shirt, pounds 32.99, www.truffleshuffle.co.uk 3PERFECT PONG YOU might think this embarrassingly-named fragrance - go on, you try walking into a shop and asking for a bottle of Fat Electrician - would conjure up the distasteful image of a builder's jeans cleavage upon first whiff. Luckily, you get nothing of the sort, this notoriously unorthodox French perfume house having instead come up with a mix of hot asphalt, vanilla, patchouli and vetiver to create a most beguiling whiff.
It's a tried and tested method as the feelings of arousal is often linked to a good whiff of fragrance emanating out of a woman's body.