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whet (one's) appetite

To induce or increase one's interest in something. The first chapter of that novel really whetted my appetite—I'm eager to read more of it tonight.
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whet someone's appetite

Fig. to cause someone to be interested in something and to be eager to have, know, learn, etc., more about it. Seeing that film really whetted my sister's appetite for horror films. She now sees as many as possible. My appetite for theater was whetted when I was very young.
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whet one's appetite

Arouse one's interest or eagerness, as in That first Schubert piece whetted my appetite; I hope she sings some others. This idiom, first recorded in 1612, transfers making one hungry for food to other kinds of eagerness.
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whet someone's appetite

COMMON If something whets your appetite for a particular thing, it makes you want it. Winning the World Championship should have whetted his appetite for more success. Her appetite already whetted by the book, she took a trip to England. Note: You can also say that something whets the appetite. The series is entertaining, and it certainly whets the appetite. Note: To whet a knife means to sharpen it.
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whet someone's appetite

stimulate someone's interest by partial revelation.
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ˌwhet somebody’s ˈappetite

make somebody feel hungry; make somebody interested in something: Don’t eat too much of this dish. It’s only to whet your appetite for the main course.One of my teachers lent me a book about climbing, and it really whetted my appetite.
If you whet a knife, sword, etc., you make it sharper.
See also: appetite, whet
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Morgan said: 'The Cup run was amazing and it is fair to say it has whetted our appetite.
Such results only whetted the scientific appetite, however.
Falkirkarefourpointsadriftof Queen of the South at the top of the First Division, but Hughes said: ``Wewant to play at grounds like Tynecastle every week, with the large crowd and the good pitch, and I hope that has whetted the players' appetites.
THE beer that first whetted the nation's appetite for lager 40 years ago is under threat.
That is one of several hilarious bits that whetted the appetites of moviegoers who turned out in droves to see the nation's current No.
If the appetites of agitprop aesthetes and design mavens were whetted by the recent Barbara Kruger retrospective, Julie Ault has curated a show sure to make them fall to their knees and praise, well, someone.
One leaves the performance with the appetite whetted to explore the secrets of Brahms's music ever more deeply.
First they whetted the anemones' appetites by adding doses of N-acetylated sugars to their seawater.
INTERNATIONAL rookie Jon Clarke has set his sights on the 2008 World Cup after admitting his first taste of Test match football has whetted his appetite for the big stage.
But this has only whetted Baghdad's appetite for larger oil sales, and also has led businesses in France and Russia to press their governments for an end to sanctions so they can renew oil exports.
In one garment, "dull" is whetted to painfully spiked.
The music apart, what originally whetted my interest in Cunningham was his move towards abstraction.