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whet (one's) appetite

To induce or increase one's interest in something. The first chapter of that novel really whetted my appetite—I'm eager to read more of it tonight.
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whet someone's appetite

Fig. to cause someone to be interested in something and to be eager to have, know, learn, etc., more about it. Seeing that film really whetted my sister's appetite for horror films. She now sees as many as possible. My appetite for theater was whetted when I was very young.
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whet one's appetite

Arouse one's interest or eagerness, as in That first Schubert piece whetted my appetite; I hope she sings some others. This idiom, first recorded in 1612, transfers making one hungry for food to other kinds of eagerness.
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whet someone's appetite

COMMON If something whets your appetite for a particular thing, it makes you want it. Winning the World Championship should have whetted his appetite for more success. Her appetite already whetted by the book, she took a trip to England. Note: You can also say that something whets the appetite. The series is entertaining, and it certainly whets the appetite. Note: To whet a knife means to sharpen it.
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whet someone's appetite

stimulate someone's interest by partial revelation.
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ˌwhet somebody’s ˈappetite

make somebody feel hungry; make somebody interested in something: Don’t eat too much of this dish. It’s only to whet your appetite for the main course.One of my teachers lent me a book about climbing, and it really whetted my appetite.
If you whet a knife, sword, etc., you make it sharper.
See also: appetite, whet
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Baby, Scary, Ginger, Sporty and Posh were the hottest Oriental Spices ever to whet the appetites of pop fans in India!
While viewing their old album covers does not begin to open the door to their artistry, it does whet the appetite for further exploration into the Blue Note era of jazz recordings and the artists that made it great.
It's supposed to whet the appetite for the movie but early verdicts suggest that there was little whetting going on.
It was a tough decision coming out here and getting a taste of the European Tour is sure to whet my appetite."
Justin Kemp, Darren Stevens, and Azhar Mahmood are all fine performers and the Spitfires have some talented youngsters, but this contest may not whet the appetite of spread bettors.
Until then there will be simply a selection of shots designed to whet the appetite in a desperate bid to steal some of Ford's thunder.
A lovely photograph revealing Grace's important red hair and handprint birthmark will whet the reader's interest.
He aims to whet the appetite of the audience to grow more salads, herbs and crops.
That daily hour and a half of repetitious activity is necessary to whet the fine edge of our skills to razor sharpness.
Thus, the heart of the concerto is a nice compromise to whet the appetite of aspiring pianists.
The level of provocative uncertainty was just enough to whet your sense of adventure without actually scaring you, and after about twenty minutes of nor knowing where you'd find yourself next or how it all would end, it did, calmly even, in a clean, empty attic where you could hear rain pattering on the shingles above.
Weinstein arrived at Phipps in 1989 to serve as assistant to the president, having cut recently his public finance teeth at Goldman Sachs, and having whet his public service appetite as assistant to the Commissioner of the New York City Office of Business Development.
The relatively recent Camden Medical Centre, Hong Kong appears in model form -- enough to whet your appetite.
It will whet the appetite of neuroscientists," says Giovanna Spinella of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke in Bethesda, Md.
8, 1994, advised that it's possible to save whet you need for retirement beginning at age 45--as long as you "save like crazy and invest heavily in the stock market."