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whys and wherefores of something

the reasons or causes relating to something. I refuse to discuss the whys and wherefores of my decision. It's final. Bob doesn't know the whys and wherefores of his contract. He just knows that it means he will get a lot of money when he finishes the work.
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whys and wherefores

All the underlying causes and reasons, as in She went into the whys and wherefores of the adoption agency's rules and procedures. This idiom today is a redundancy since why and wherefore mean the same thing. Formerly, however, why indicated the reason for something and wherefore how it came to be. [c. 1600]
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the whys and wherefores

The whys and wherefores of something are the reasons for it. Even successful bosses need to be queried about the whys and wherefores of their actions. He is not interested in discussing the whys and wherefores of his time abroad. Note: `Wherefore' is an old-fashioned word meaning `for what' or `why'.
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the whys and wherefores

the reasons for or details of something.
1991 Gramophone At this time I was desperate to know all the whys and wherefores of a really advanced technique.
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the ˌwhys and (the) ˈwherefores (of something)

the reasons (for something): I don’t really want to know all the whys and the wherefores. Just tell me what happened.
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White sang and acted well as Rackstraw, while Abigail Iveson revealed a fine voice in the role of Josephine, and Belsey - who replaced sickbay stranded Riccardo Simonetti as Captain Corcoran - excelled with Fair Moon, to Thee I Sing, and Never Mind the Why and Wherefore in which he was joined by Josephine and Sir Joseph.
No Joe, science has not answered all the questions regarding the why and wherefore.
Wherefore, the Distributee(s) of this estate shall be entitled to distribution of the property identified without the necessity of an order of the Court and other proceeding, upon furnishing a copy of this Affidavit, certified by the Clerk, to any person owing any money, having custody of any property, or acting as registrar or transfer agent of any evidence of interest, indebtedness, property of right of the Decedent.
It is learnt from the documents available with Online that departing education minister written letter to NBF on 1st February wherefore NBF stopped the printing process that was in progress in 20 printing workshops.
Wherefore, I humbly pray that the accused be called upon to enter her defense as per charge,'' chief prosecutor Gan Peng Kun said.
The whence, the why and the wherefore is the Big Question that those guys never tackle, preferring as they do to tilt at straw men.
In this regard, he mentions the case of Spaska Mitrova from Gevgelija, who did not let her husband see their child thus breaching the law and was therefore sentenced to 3 months in prison, wherefore the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs protested.
The Young Enterprise New Media Award: supported by The Telegraph, Wherefore Art?
In the context of the raging debates between those represented by Sir Thomas More and the English reformation, the author discusses Firth's writings in his final year, notably "The Articles Wherefore John Firth Died," in which he asserts his theology of doctrinal adiaphora, i.
Wherefore, do thou love Me, that I may name thy name and fill thy soul with the spirit of life.
Making a simple overview of purposed techniques for finding solution of the balancing problem for established times and unique model, solution wherefore the optimality is warranted, they can be put in evidence methods of enumeration of all solutions and choice of that with a minimum number of stations, approaches through dynamic programming, "branch and bound" methods, "backtracking" methods, optimization methods based on bivalent variables.
represented less than 90% of the share capital, wherefore the final adoption of
And wherefore art thou Harper Lee, who wrote To Kill A Mockingbird?