where (one) lives

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where (one) lives

Personally or intimately, referring to an effect that something has on one. People by nature only care about an issue if it hits them where they live. The boss's comments at my evaluation really got me where I live.
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where someone lives

Inf. at one's core; in one's personal situation. That really hits you where you live, doesn't it? Yes, that gets me where I live.
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where one lives

see under close to home.
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where you live

at, to, or in the right, vital, or most vulnerable spot. North American
2002 New York Times The movies hit them where they live—in their own state of desperation and doubt.
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References in classic literature ?
If you seriously want to follow up the niece, tell the uncle that you must know where she lives and how she lives, and with whom, or you are no longer a customer of his.
THE Duchess of York is in the process of becoming an official resident of the Swiss region where she lives, according to reports.
The husband of Everytime We Touch singer NATALIE HORLER, of dance group CASCADA, has ditched his high flying modelling career to be a bank manager in Germany, where she lives.
Is this legal and if anyone found out could SHE get in trouble as you're not allowed to have sex where she lives at her age?
Next week mother-offive Lady Jane, known as Janey, must move her 11 horses from the yard next to where she lives.
Samantha's doctors say she is missing out on the surgery because of where she lives.
The 99-year-old celebrates her centenary on May 5 when celebration will take place at Sunhaven Residential Home where she lives.
She makes writing her home, building "interior castles" where she lives.
Ten-year-old Shannette Grant of Coral Springs, Florida, was hailed as a hero in late May after the quick-thinking fourth-grader helped save a man from drowning in the swimming pool of the apartment complex where she lives.
Doepke is a native of Menominee, Michigan, USA, where she lives today.
After his death in 1993, Evelyn Skoog moved to an apartment in town before entering Springfield's Good Neighbor Care Center in 1996, where she lives today.
The commonwealth of Virginia, where she lives, requires all those wishing to marry people to get county licenses.
Wendy looked for her subject in the town where she lives.
Bauer's work is radically dissimilar from the photography - much of which has been influenced by the work of Bernd and Hilla Becher - that is produced in Dusseldorf, where she lives and works.