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whenever (one) farts

Whenever one takes even the most insignificant of actions. You can't help but feel sorry for the woman. She's so famous that the tabloids write up 10 different stories whenever she farts. Whenever he farts, he's posting about it on Insta-Blam, Spacebook, and ClickClock. He's so annoying that I eventually had to stop following him.
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whenever (one) turns around

With great frequency; constantly and consistently. I just don't know how Tonya does so much. It seems like whenever she turns around she's won some new award for her work research. I swear, these kids are going to put me in an early grave. Whenever I turn around they're fighting with each other again!
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whenever I turn around

Very often, perhaps surprisingly or irritatingly so. Whenever I turn around, there seems to be a new problem with my car. I'm going to go broke if this keeps up! Whenever I turn around, Tim has poached another customer from me. I don't know how I'm going to meet my sales quota with him around!
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whenever the fancy takes (one)

Whenever one wants or feels compelled to do something. Now that you have your own car, you can go out whenever the fancy takes you!
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as, whenever, etc. the fancy ˈtakes you

as, whenever, etc. you feel like doing something: We bought a camper van so we could go away whenever the fancy took us.
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'Whenever you come here next time, we will go to Balochistan, Sindh and other parts of the country.
'discharging a battery of the substitute battery assembly whenever the substitute battery assembly is docked with the battery docking station and the power is on' (claims 12-14)
'The size of most NLNG vessels disturbs the water during movement, and any other ship that tries to make use of the Bonny channel whenever at the same time with an NLNG vessel is doing so at its own risk.
Currently our PLTGU is idle, but we can turn it on whenever PLN asks for,' he said on Tuesday (4/3).
My sister and I were often denuded before the entire family including our husbands' brothers," she alleged while showing visible marks on her arms, face and head."Whenever our brothers visited us, our husbands and mother-in-law would always sit with us so that we do not share anything," she said.
Whenever PM2.5 (particulate matter with a diameter of 2.5 micrometers or less) records 76 micrograms per cubic meter for two hours or longer, the schools cannot have classes outside.
'whenever mention is made about some thief, Maryam Nawaz takes it upon her father.
Our correspondent in Gbarnga says two patients narrated in tears that nurses at the Hospital do not pay attention to them whenever they go for treatment.
Therefore one finds it amazing to see all these ministers present in the Punjab House whenever a former prime minister Nawaz Sharif wants to address them.
AaAaAeAccents   Take a sip whenever Brady's relationship with President Dona Trump comes up.
Now a days whereas the temperatures square Godrej washing machine service center in hyderabad square measure the one amongst the most effective ways that to beat the warmth and whenever you face any downside to your air conditioner digital electronic service is that the best to serve you
FORMER Manchester United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel believes Michael Carrick must start for the Red Devils whenever he is fit.
Whenever You Lose Whenever You Lose someone you Your heart always feels so lonely and sad Because they were the best friend that you'll ever have Had For they try to make you happy Should you ever feel sad And they'll walk by your side Whenever times get bad So hold on tight and never forget The good and happy memories You now hold in your heart And the ones you have loved and are now angels In heaven above Will walk by your side forever.
You may notice that whenever cash is spent in the North it is referred to as "taxpayers' money", yet whenever vast amounts diverted to Greater London and the Home Counties it's always referred to as "government investment".
As a locator, the device sends a notification whenever the host asset begins moving or on demand, and alerts during customer-defined curfews whenever there is unauthorized activity.
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