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whenever the fancy takes (one)

Whenever one wants or feels compelled to do something. Now that you have your own car, you can go out whenever the fancy takes you!
See also: fancy, take, whenever

as, whenever, etc. the fancy ˈtakes you

as, whenever, etc. you feel like doing something: We bought a camper van so we could go away whenever the fancy took us.
See also: fancy, take
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Whenever I'm not at the house po even though she knows I'm at school,' he said.
AaAaAeAccents   Drink whenever someone does a celebratory dance after scori a touchdown.
The 71-year-old actor added that he has lot of friends from Pakistan and whenever he meets them abroad, he feels like he is talking to his own people.
No one comes to our aid whenever these addicts target us with indecent remarks and gestures, said a group of girls' students.
l Raise a glass whenever Len gives Craig a filthy look for his low score, complains about "too much faffing about" at the start of the dance, or makes a food-based metaphor, such as It was a bit like a trifle - plenty of fruit on top, but a bit spongy down the bottom.
C) stick out their proboscises whenever they smell an explosive.
Whenever MasterCard cardholders buy a product online, a window pops up on the screen asking them to enter a special password called a SecureCode.
Whenever the opposing team gains possession of the ball, the defending team should push up to keep all of the opponents in their half of the field.
Whenever we tear or damage any of the goods we sew on, or whenever it is found damaged after we are through with it, whether we have done it or not, we are charged for the piece and sometimes for a whole yard of the material.
In addition, the legislation requires that whenever the City spends over $500,000 on the installation or replacement of plumbing fixtures, the project must reduce water consumption by 30% compared to baseline conditions.
Under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, insurance companies must send adverse action notices to consumers whenever insurance premiums or rates are increased based on a credit score.
A contractor EVMS compliant with the current version of the industry standard (as interpreted by the NDIA ANSI Intent Guide) is required whenever EVM is required.
check] Use mechanical lifts whenever possible for moving residents from one location to another.
Everything is prepared in our kitchen using quality ingredients and we purchase locally produced food whenever possible.