when your ship/boat comes in

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when one's ship comes in

Fig. when one becomes rich and successful. When my ship comes in, we'll live in one of these huge mansions on the hill, my lass. When your ship comes in, Otto, I'll probably die of amazement!
See also: come, ship

when your ship comes in

If you talk about what you will do when your ship comes in, you mean what you will do when you become rich and successful. She always used to say that when her ship came in, she'd take us all on a cruise. Note: You can also say that someone's or something's ship has come in, meaning that they have suddenly become rich and successful. The ship has come in for Associated British Ports where profits have soared to £62.1 million. Note: This is a reference to a merchant's ship returning home with a heavy load of goods.
See also: come, ship

when your ˈship/ˈboat comes in

(informal) when you are suddenly successful or have a lot of money: Perhaps, when our ship comes in, we’ll both be able to leave our jobs.
See also: boat, come, ship