when it comes to

when it comes to (someone or something)

When considering some particular person, thing, or action. John is a bit of a blowhard, but when it comes to pushing sales, no one in the company is better. There's nothing she doesn't know when it comes to computers. He's a sweet guy, but he's a bit useless when it comes to kids.
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when it comes to something

as for something; speaking about something. When it comes to fishing, John is an expert. When it comes to trouble, Mary really knows how to cause it.
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when it comes to

Also, if or when it comes right down to . As regards, when the situation entails. For example, When it comes to renting or buying, you'll spend about the same amount. It is also put as when it comes down to it or that , as in If it comes right down to it, they said you could visit any time you're able to, or When it comes to that, we can lend you the fare. This idiom uses come to in the sense of "amount to" or "be equivalent to." [Second half of 1700s]
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when it comes to something/to doing something

when it is a question of something: When it comes to getting things done, he’s useless.
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Not all the time - I'm not going to wax lyrical about how funny we all are as a city, (it's a lazy cliche) - but when it comes to a punter destroying a comic on stage, then Liverpool has the greatest number of destroyers.
Meanwhile, it appears her six-year-old is a chip off the old block when it comes to the sartorial stakes.
While we might be reading off the same page when it comes to improving our diet and exercise in 'real life', it's all too easy to turn a blind eye to our regimes when we think about even just stepping on a plane.
Plummers ain't exactly Jack Regan, but he's the guv'nor when it comes to keeping the show moving.
According to Esmond, some 75% of Scion buyers are new to the Toyota brand, so while the sales numbers aren't massive in a traditional sense (although if you look at the total sales and divide by the three models, the number is nearly 43,000 each, which is the sort of thing that people talk about when it comes to "niche" vehicles), there is hope that those who start with Scion will move through the ranks with time and life-stage changes.
And although CPAs are educated and trained to be professional faultfinders, this inherent preoccupation with the negative is a recipe for disaster when it comes to managing human capital.
They may be brutally competitive with other firms but they tend to put on kid gloves when it comes to the customer.
When it comes to weight loss, the bottom line is really an old message: "Calories count," says Walter Willett, head of the nutrition department at the Harvard School of Public Health.
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