when he's, it's, etc. at home?

who's (someone) when (he's/she's/they're) at home

1. colloquial Who is that person? Primarily heard in UK. Robert De Niro? Who's he when he's at home? I've never heard of that actress before, who's she when she's at home?
2. How does someone act in the privacy of their own home? The phrase suggests that someone behaves differently or more authentically when at home. Do you ever wonder what big stars are like when they're not on stage or the red carpet? Like, who is Lady Gaga when she's at home, huh? I bet she doesn't wear a meat dress around the house!
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when he’s, it’s, etc. at home?

(British English, informal, humorous) used to emphasize a question about somebody/something: ‘Shirley Hills wants to meet you.’ ‘Who’s she when she’s at home?’
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