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wheeze something out

to say something, while wheezing; to say something, using a wheeze for a voice. (As if one is out of breath.) He was out of breath from running and was only able to wheeze a few words out. Liz wheezed out a quick hello.
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5] and daily wheeze that were independent of similar associations with [NO.
The adjusted risk was significantly lower for any wheeze at age 3 years in children born to 298 women with the highest vitamin D intake, or about 724 IU/day, than in children born to 298 women with the lowest intake, or about 356 IU / day (OR 0.
7 ( ANI ): Exposure to cigarette smoke during pregnancy and in home at three and 15 months of age is linked to increased risks of wheeze and asthma in babies, warms a study.
2008), we evaluated associations of current pesticide use with both allergic and non-allergic wheeze in male pesticide applicators.
Various sections of the questionnaire include assessment of frequent cough (presence of cough on most days for 3 consecutive months or more during the year), chronic cough (presence of cough for 3 consecutive months for at least 2 consecutive years), frequent phlegm (production of phlegm on most days of month, for 3 consecutive months or more in a year), chronic phlegm (production of phlegm for 3 consecutive months for at least 2 consecutive years), frequent wheeze (whistling sound on expiration present for 80% for FVC and FEV1 and FEV1/FVC ratio of >0.
The patients included were assigned to the wheeze or no wheeze group based on physical examination by an experienced respiratory pediatrician.
Actually, it was not so much a wheezing as a cross between a wheeze and a squeak.
Researchers assessed the lung function of 646 children--338 of whom had experienced lower respiratory illness before age 3 years, and 308 controls--and found those who had early pneumonia had a nearly twofold increase in the risk of asthma and wheeze up to age 26 years.
Lower respiratory illness in childhood is associated with later development of asthma and wheeze that can persist into adulthood and are considered risk factors for adult chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, a prospective study has found.
A systematic review of 5 RCTs with a total of 339 patients found that in 4 of the 5, ICS didn't improve lower respiratory symptoms in children with episodic viral wheeze and no history of asthma.
Noisy breathing (snoring, ruttles) causes great anxiety to parents and is often misinterpreted as wheeze.
Coughing can open airways and at least temporarily relieve the airway constriction and wheeze.
For adolescents, fruit intake was inversely associated with current wheeze, severe asthma, severe rhinoconjunctivits and severe eczema; milk intake was inversely associated with current wheeze, severe asthma and current and severe rhinoconjuctivitis; and vegetable consumption was inversely associated with current wheeze.
Birmingham's parks department, fresh from major successes at the Chelsea Flower Show and now the European Entente Florale competition, has hit on a new cost-cutting wheeze.