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wheeze something out

to say something, while wheezing; to say something, using a wheeze for a voice. (As if one is out of breath.) He was out of breath from running and was only able to wheeze a few words out. Liz wheezed out a quick hello.
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This article will cover the use of inhalers and spacers in the treatment of wheeze in preschool children.
Vegetable consumption at least once of twice per week was inversely associated with current and severe wheeze and rhonoconjunctivitis, and [greater than or equal to] 3 times per week was inversely associated with severe eczema.
Symptoms of wheeze and persistent cough in the first year of life: Associations with indoor allergens, air contaminants, and maternal history of asthma.
Perhaps it would be better described as a cost-saving wheeze as for the first time in austerity Birmingham City Council it will lead to less cutting.
After adjusting for secondhand smoke and other factors known to be associated with asthma, the researchers found that post-natal exposure to BPA was associated with increased risk of wheeze and asthma.
Researchers from the UK Millennium Cohort Study found children born to sub-fertile parents were 39 per cent more likely to be experiencing asthma symptoms by the age of five and 27 per cent more likely to wheeze.
Our large pooled analysis confirms that maternal smoking during pregnancy, particularly during the first trimester, is associated with a greater risk of offspring developing wheeze and asthma when they reach preschool age.
OBJECTIVE: We examined the relationship between prenatal BPA exposure and wheeze in early childhood.
So if you continue to wheeze, your pediatrician can tell if you have asthma with exercise.
Actually introduced in 2009, the Bone Collector Series Buck Collector is gaining a following as it is capable of producing multiple whitetail sounds from grunts and wheezes to bleats and distress bawls depending on which button you push.
This study looked at the relationship between serum folate levels and markers of atopy, wheeze and asthma.
Two trials of corticosteroids for preschool children with episodic wheeze have concluded that steroids, oral or inhaled, are a poor choice of treatment for most children.
2) Flextone's Buck Rage Plus is a combo pack containing the Buck Rage and Killer Wheeze calls.
Not all asthma patients wheeze, however, and some people with asthma cough.
8-fold more likely to wheeze, but did not have a significantly increased risk for developing asthma.