the wheel of fortune

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the wheel of fortune

The incidental, unforeseen, or random occurrences of life. (Alludes to the wheel that the goddess Fortune was believed to spin, which determined the fate in a person's life.) There's no knowing how this whole thing will pan out—we just have to leave it up to the wheel of fortune.
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the wheel of Fortune

the wheel which the goddess Fortune is said to turn as a symbol of random luck or change.
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wheel of fortune, the

The agent of change in human affairs. The term refers to the goddess Fortune, traditionally represented with a wheel in her hand, which symbolizes inconstancy. The ancient Chinese and Babylonians referred to fortune’s ever-turning wheel, and Chaucer used it (The Knight’s Tale), “Thus can fortune hir wheel govern and gye, and out of joye bringe men to sorwe.” A popular American television quiz show of the 1980s and 1990s bore the name Wheel of Fortune.
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