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in (someone's) wheelhouse

In, related to, or matching someone's general interests, abilities, or area of familiarity; in someone's comfort zone. It's clear, however, that the political implications of this issue are well in the author's wheelhouse. Jeff's always stayed in his wheelhouse when it comes to dating women. He doesn't usually go for anyone very different from himself.
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out(side) (of) (someone's) wheelhouse

Against, outside of, or not matching someone's general interests, abilities, or area of familiarity; outside of someone's comfort zone. It's clear, however, that the political implications of this issue are well outside the author's wheelhouse. Jeff generally doesn't date women outside of his wheelhouse. You need to get out of your wheelhouse and live on the wild side for a change!
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in (one's) wheelhouse

1. In the area of one's greatest striking power: a fastball that was right in the batter's wheelhouse.
2. In line with one's interests or abilities: a movie script that is right in that actor's wheelhouse.
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With Wheelhouse we can grab a lot of data on investment products on the Envestnet platform and elsewhere and present that back to the firm to present that back to the client," explained Crager.
Because they have the institutional knowledge from the schoolhouse and the ability to reach out to senior leaders through connections developed at Wheelhouse Wednesday, students are better prepared to handle the ever-changing Army environment.
Before the simulator was built at the waterways academy, the nearest wheelhouse simulators to Huntington were in Paducah, Ky.
Seniors Shelby McCool, Sophia Roberts, and Wheelhouse each had seven kills.
Most of the cases involved automatic navigation with a crewmember sitting alone in the wheelhouse.
WHEN Alan Wheelhouse joined the school in 1996 total numbers were below 600, the specialism was technology and pupils didn't join until they were 12.
All the Oakland starter could do was wince while watching a television when A's closer Huston Street left a fastball in Barry Bonds' wheelhouse with two outs, no one on and the A's clinging to a one-run lead.
Mum-of-three Debra Wheelhouse, 43, pleaded guilty to one charge of stealing pounds 10,075 in 2002.
The South Korean coast guard said two JCG officers who boarded the boat broke glass in its wheelhouse and used violence against two of the crew members, even though the boat was not involved in illegal fishing there.
Like his ``Fast and Furious'' films, ``State of the Union'' fetishizes hot rods, gadgets and high-tech weaponry, putting the movie directly in the wheelhouse of adolescent boys with lifetime subscriptions to Stuff magazine.
Frances Wheelhouse was born in Leongatha, Victoria, and was engaged at Biological Sciences at the University of New South Wales for twenty-one years.
The city is also painting a wheelhouse that serves as ticket outlet at the marina.
At a time when most companies are struggling with CRM, Wheelhouse Corp.
The issues of better housekeeping and improved merchandising, which have been building for a long time, are being driven by a number of factors," Wheelhouse said.
has announced the appointment of John Wheelhouse as vice president of marketing.